Here’s what really happened in the NY 23rd farce

 Breaking headline from a local Upstate NY newspaper


Be patient as their server is probable buried right now with this astonishing news regarding the new NY23rd Dem breaking 4 major campaign promises within an hour of going through the door in DC.

This the new Chicago style cheat till you win politics. To hell with any thing like ethics as bully and Chicago thug Rohm Emanuel would say.

In the absence of the article which you’ll see eventually, basically Owens ran as a so called “conservative democrat” or at least that’s the impression the poor voters were given based on his campaign promises and commitments.  Well guess what folks? As soon as he gets to Pelosiville in Obongoland  Presto!  off come the conservative sheeps clothing and out pops…..???  Yes folks ! you guessed it!  A FLAMING LIBERAL !!!  YES!! a flamer!!

The people of NY have been HAD ..Big time!

Whats even more nauseating is Pelosi flapping her brain dead cakehole bragging that the people of a Republican NY district have elected a Democrat! The reality is that the people of NY have been duped by a party that will LIE, CHEAT, STUFF THE BALLOT BOX and RE-COUNT TILL YA WIN to steal power from the American people.

2010 can’t come fast enough to get rid of these scumbags.

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