Health Care Debate Live Blog

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Today at 4pm Red Mass Group will begin live blogging the Health Care Act debate.  We are expecting a few special guests during the evening. We hope you’ll tune in.

Rob is running late and the debate will start at 4:15pm. – GQ

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  • What and where is the Health Care Act debate?

  • nomad943

    If they were debating the color of the sky these same people could impasionatly debate whether they prefered the green of day to the yellow of night.

    C Span is truly nauseus to behold.

    It served a valuable purpose by letting us get our first peek inside those hallowed halls and see just how pathetic the show actualy was but now that we get the general idea, who can bear to watch?

    My favorite part of their programming is when members are out there at 3 AM giving rousing speaches to themselves and the couple of janitors still in the building.

    Who would guess by looking at the TV news the next day just how irrelevent all that blather actualy is. The vote is already cast.