Gov. recommends business withold information from Feds

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As I started reading this article I expected to see the call for giving drivers licences and in-state tuition rates to illegal immigrants.  That is par for the course from Gov. Deval Patrick and his hand picked commission.

Its this bullet point from the Herald’s summary got made me jump:

Issue “state guidance” to prohibit employers from providing employee information to federal immigration officials and advocate against the federal E-verify program;

Really????  We should force companies to withold information from Federal officials whose job it is to enforce immigration laws.  If a company is hindering a Federal official’s ability to enforce the law, isn’t that obstruction of justice?…  

To make a decison to ignore enforcing the law at the state level is one thing…to REQUIRE private companies to disregard Federal government requests is a whole new realm.

While I completely disagree with providing ILLEGAL immigrants benefits that are provided to citizens or non-citizen LEGAL immigrants based solely on the fact that they are illegal.  As I’ve commented on posts yesterday, there is another angle to the whole tuition discussion.  Ignoring the fact that they are illegal, should we really be creating new government programs when we can’t afford the one’s we have now.

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