Friday’s Random Thoughts

Just a few random thoughts on a wet and rainy Friday.

1) I thought we had a full time Legislature? What full time employee gets six weeks off for the holidays?

2) My middle name is Patrick and I am proud to say that a few of my Great Grandparents arrived in this great country from Ireland. That being said, I hate the Hack Holidays. Maybe its South Boston St. Pats Day breakfast, a breakfast built around the roasting of friends and enemies. Maybe it’s the idea that in years past, Whitey Bulger was a distasteful punch line in the “let’s all be pals for one-day” fun and games of that particular day.

3) Did Bob DeLeo know he had a deadline on the Ed Reform bill and who does his scheduling? Is it possible that Deval Patrick is correct? Forget I said that!

4) I never understood the want to review a candidate’s tax returns. I always felt like it was none of anyone’s business. Aren’t there other ways to determine if a candidate has a conflict of interest?

5) Did we really have ethics reform?

6) I have no idea what to make of the Inspector General getting involved in the Gloucester Charter mess. Is Paul Reville still employed by the Commonwealth? He is to Ed Reform what Jim Aloisi was to transportation reform. Maybe he survives because the Globe likes him? Not kidding!!

7) Be very pleased that the City of Lynn elected a Republican to lead that community. Be very pleased that the sitting Mayor, Chip Clancy, a longtime Democratic Senator who represented (poorly) my community, is soon to be collecting a bloated pension. Good riddance!

Have a great weekend.

David Patrick Whelan, Jr.

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