Fault town, state leaders for failing economy

Letter: Fault town, state leaders for failing economy

By Clifford F. Blake II

Mon Aug 24, 2009, 08:00 AM EDT

Clinton – As the unemployment rate soars to all-time highs in our country, people are losing their savings and finances along with their jobs. The sad thing is, Americans want to work, but the sad reality is, all the jobs in the United States have gone away to other countries with less government regulation.

Our leaders for about 50 years now have made sure to run every meaningful job away from our country. We cannot survive as a nation depending on other nations for our products without out any manufacturing going on here in the United States. Our leaders have failed us. China is quickly becoming the Earth’s superpower. I believe China would like nothing more then the United States to be out of the way of their global taking over.

The American people can be blamed for this problem in one way: by voting into power the misleading politicians who put us into this mess.

On the local, state scene, our legislators and governor have just made a state sales tax law that has taken effect on Aug.  1. This is a nice gift to the people of New Hampshire. The state of New Hampshire should send us a gold statue of a cow (a cash cow) that can be set in front of the State House to thank the people of Massachusetts for helping the New Hampshire economy by sacrificing our own economy here in Massachusetts.

This bad economy is not going to get better anytime soon. I feel by this time next year, the unemployment rate will be double what it is now. The policies set forth by the state and federal governments do just the opposite of helping our economy. It is digging a hole with a toothpick while a heavy-duty plow dumps one ton of dirt in the hole at the same time.

The Democratic Party is running the show right now, enforcing policies to further kill our economy. The sad thing is, the Republican Party in our state and the national Republican Party have no clue how to fix this calamity and are certainly not ready to put people in place who have the right ideas to fix this problem.

One of the people who could fix our state is Christy Mihos. He is currently running for governor of our state. Charlie Baker is also running, but has all the wrong ideas and has a track record to prove he will further the economic misery of our state. He is of the school of former governors Weld and Swift. They both left our state in a mess.

The current Massachusetts Republican Party is in sad shape. I feel they have been compromised by the Democrats and now are acting as a tool of the Democrats to put in a candidate that Gov. Deval Patrick can beat. That candidate would be Charlie Baker. Gov. Patrick and the legislators in the Massachusetts House are scared as hell of Christy Mihos becoming the Republican nominee to go against Gov. Patrick.

Christy Mihos will reform our current debacle that is Massachusetts government. Charlie Baker will be the “same old same-old” way of politics as usual. This type of thinking got us into this mess.

Remember this on Election Day next year. Let’s vote out of office all the tax-and-spenders who do not have a clue about fiscal responsibility. Our selectmen who are up for re-election … “vote them out.” Our state reps. who are up for re-election … “vote them out.” Our governor who is up for re-election … “vote him out.”

But let’s not replace these people with the “same old same-old.” Let’s put in true fiscal conservatives that can turn this mess around before its too late.


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