Digital Federal Credit Union (DCU) Rocks!

With all the negative press the financial industry is getting I wanted to share a story that just happened to me.  It is a story of a financial institution that cares for its members and helps immediately.

At around 11:45 this morning I went to Taco Bell and my ATM/Debit Card was declined.  Which for a $5.09 transaction was shocking to me.  I used another card and paid for the transaction.  I then looked at my mobile DCU branch on my Blackberry and found I had an negative Available balance of greater than $150.  This made absolutely no sense to me.  

I then went to the DCU branch next to the Solomon Pond Mall and sat with a customer service representative, actually the Assistant Branch Manager Mrs L.   She was able to show me the pending Visa Transactions including two transactions two minutes after each other from around 10 last night.  The two transactions totaled a large sum of money and were from California in nice round numbers.  

Mrs. L. was able to immediately cancel my ATM/Debit card and issue a new one ON THE SPOT with my name on it.  She also allowed me to dispute the transactions immediately. Thus freeing up my bank account and allowing me access to my balance this weekend.

This experience was one of the best customer service experiences of my life, and I wanted to share it with all of you.  Normally I would not do something like this, but the violation you feel from a fraud of this magnitude is real.  I wanted you to know that if you are looking for an alternative to your current financial institution you should give a try.

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