Deval Patrick Refunds 21 Presidential Rally Contributors | No payment to Westin Copley Hotel Found

According to his most recent bank report at OCPF, the Deval Patrick Committee had to return 21 contributions from the Presidential fundraiser.  These contributions totaled up to $8225 in over contributions.  

There is no payment to the Westin Copley Place in either the Democratic State Committee filings nor Deval Patrick Filings. Who paid for the room?  Did the Massachusetts Democratic Party Federal Account?  Tim Murray didn’t.  I’ve looked at the data three times and can’t find an expenditure for it.  The only possible explanation is that they used the campaign credit card and those itemized numbers don’t post until the 19th of the month for the prior month.

Finally the Democratic State Committee spent $124,100.93 of the money they raised on Printing and Mailing costs associated with the event. At least that’s what OCPF reports.  $71,100.93 went to Connolly Printing (formerly Simard) and $53,000 went to the US Postal Service.

If anybody can figure out how Deval Patrick paid for the use of the Hotel, please let me know.

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