Come together, right now, and support Scott Brown

What a weekend here at Red Mass Group.  We have had our fourth and first largest traffic weekdays and our largest traffic weekend since we started this website close to three years ago.  There are passionate people on both sides of the Baker-Tisei issue.  

One thing I don’t want to get lost in all of this is that we as Republicans have a fantastic candidate for the United States Senate. He has overcome electoral obstacles before to win “unwinnable” elections. I am of course referring to Scott Brown.

What have you done this special election cycle to help Scott?  Have you knocked on doors? Have you Made phone calls?  Have you donated?  Have you talked to your friends and neighbors about Scott?

The primary election is two weeks from today.  Scott needs your help to ensure a dramatic primary victory to propel him to the general election.  So, if you’ve not helped Scott yet please do.  

You should do one or more of the following four things.

1) Go to and sign up.

2) Donate to Scott Brown via the RMG donation page! I will match the first $250 donated this way.

3) Join the Brown Brigade to learn about volunteer opportunities.

4) Come to a Red Mass Group field deployment, more information to come.  We will be door knocking at least one weekend before the primary and at least one weekend before the general.

Scott Brown is a candidate that can unite us so lets focus our energies there. At least until January 19.  

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