Christy Mihos Makes Campaign Changes as Funds Lag

Christy’s fundraising numbers didn’t look good compared to Charlie Baker’s but now it seems that Mihos is changing the staffers.

I’m actually surprised that now former spokesman & media director Kevin Sowyrda lasted this long after the aborted/rumored US Senate run instead of gubernatorial.  

I’m also not surprised by Joe Manzoli becoming the official campaign chair.  Is it only me but I kind of already assumed this to be the case.

The overall article is pretty hard on Christy Mihos as Sowyrda shoots on a recent pair of Dick Morris fundraisers that evidently failed to live up to fundraising goals.

Republican Christy Mihos’s campaign for governor is in some disorder after it fell short of fund-raising goals, did not fulfill a promise to go up with television ads in October, and fired its director of communications as part of a staff shake-up.

Kevin Sowyrda, who has been Mihos’s spokesman and media director since the summer, said he was told yesterday that he has been terminated. Sowyrda said he has not heard directly from Mihos, but that he had heard he was fired from another consultant to the campaign, whom he would not identify.

Sowyrda’s departure comes amid a broader staff reshuffling, in which Mihos appointed his field director, Joseph Manzoli, as his campaign manager. Neither Mihos nor Manzoli returned calls for comment.

The Mihos campaign hired national GOP fund-raiser Carolyn Machado more than a month ago to put together a financial plan. But Mihos’s committee has yet to show it can raise substantial sums beyond the candidate’s own bank account.…

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