Christy MIHOS for STATE AUDITOR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You got admit that this is a gift from Heaven for the GOP.

Put aside the fact that all the polls show that 2010 is shaping up to be our year, we suddenly have more open statewide races than we’ve had in years at that same time.  It’s a prescription for success which we should take full advantage of.

For my money, no one is a better sell for state auditor – now open because of Denucci’s retirement announcement due tomorrow – than Christy Mihos.  Here’s the case for Auditor Christy.

1.  Voters see this job as a Republican’s.  It has to do with keeping an eye on the store, and voters associate us as having the strength there, not the dems.

2.  Christy has kept an eye on the store, literally.  He built a huge business, but more importantly he blew the whistle on the big dig corruption.

3.  As such, no one is going to be able to touch him in the auditors race.  It’s his for the taking.

4.  The job has always had huge potential.  You spend your first term exposing waste and abuse, and suddenly people are mentioning you for a senate race.  John Kerry ain’t gonna stick around for ever.

5.  Winning this race requires less money than the governor’s job, where Christy is running now.  His funds there are pretty poor, as is his organization in the field under the leadership of a campaign manager whose never won anything before.  As people keep waiting for Christy to “write the check” as they say, this race would require a much smaller check and is still a vital job in state government that should not be sneezed at.

6.  If Christy wants to stay in the race for gov, so be it.  But this is just a perfect fit for a guy who says he blew the whistle and it’s critical we have a candidate with resources for this position.  It also might be a better fit, as Christy recently said on the FOX 25 morning show on September 14, 2009 during the seven o’clock hour – I think –  that he’s not going to spend a lot of his own money this year.  Here’s the exact quote – “No.  Because I don’t think it’s going to take that at all.”  That was his answer to if he’d spend huge bucks on the race as Dick Morris had once quoted a figure of 15 million dollars.  Wow.  I don’t blame him.  I wouldn’t spend it if I had it.

Here’s the link (or go to and type MIHOS in the search box) to the interview –…

7.  Winning the Auditor’s race will, needless to say, not require a HUGE expense.  If Christy’s fortune was seriously dented by the October crash, as so many fortunes sadly were, this race might work out better for him and his family.

8.  There’s growing worries that Christy may not have the deep pockets we’ve perceived and I base that on Christy’s words and nothing else.  When asked by the Globe why he didn’t pay a tax bill he had he said that he didn’t have the money.  Here’s the exact language from the article –

“I should have been more diligent back then,” said Mihos, who is challenging former health care executive Charles D. Baker for the GOP nomination in next year’s governor’s race.

Mihos said he did not pay the taxes on time because he did not have the cash; he said he set up a payment plan. He said he would call back with more documentation, but he did not do so.

9.  As he said, if Mihos still doesn’t have the cash, running for a lower level office might be the perfect move, especially as a field straw poll in his own back yard gave his opponent about 80 percent of the vote in the guv race.  That one just isn’t panning out for Mihos.

Anyway, just some thoughts.  I wish all the contenders the best and I think we are going to do GREAT in 2010.  The DEMOCRATS are in serious trouble.

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