Christy LIVE is DEAD AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christy, we hardly knew yah!!!!!

We keep checking for the next episode of Christy Live, as so many of us treat it as must watch television…..kinda like The Guiding Light, the Price is Right, or the Biggest Looser.  We always have our friends over and we huddle around our laptop to watch the must watch tv.  One of my friends says it’s funnier than Monty Python.

Anyway, I know from going to a recent event that christy Live is something probably run by Joey Manzolly, who is Christy’s campaign chairman.  Does anyone know when the next episode is scheduled for?  When you go to the page, that’s another thing that’s just not being updated.  The page has NO events, and the most recent article links to somethign in the Herald from TWO – again TWO – months ago.

Atleast we can still watch all the cars going into New Hampshire on christy2010.  

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