Cahill Update

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The Cahill campaign has filed its October OCPF reports.  The filings show that his fundraising is significantly below that of any major party candidate other than Mihos, who by virtue of personal wealth is a different case.  

In October, Cahill reports receipts of $127,000 and expenditures of $60,000.  Cahill has $3 million in the bank.  

Spending in October is roughly double that of previous months but much of it is for one time items.  There are some salary items but it does not look like his campaign has a full time staff.  

My thinking:

– The resurgence of confidence of Republicans in the Northeast as a result of the NJ win and Virginia blowout has to give Cahill, as an independent, some cause for concern.  We look a lot more viable today than a week ago.

– Cahill has been slower in getting up and running than Baker or Mihos.  That will not bode well for him as things start heating up.

– His fundraising has been lackluster in a period in which he has not been that visible in the press.  Where has he been spending his time?

– His website is fine but the news items still talk about developments like who won the lottery.  Is this the kind of stuff you need to be talking about if you are running for governor?  I think not.

I think that Cahill is on the path to becoming the third place candidate in the race sooner than I had expected.  I suspect that by next spring, we will be seeing more of a two rather than three man race.  I also wonder whether he is having some second thoughts about his run for the corner office.

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