Breaking: Charlie Baker to choose Richard Tisei as his running mate

Update:It’s official. Announcement at 11:00 a.m.  In addition has launched.

Red Mass Group has learned from multiple sources with knowledge of the situation that Charlie Baker is very close to naming Richard Tisei, the Minority Leader of the Massachusetts State Senate, as his running mate.  The announcement is scheduled to be made tomorrow.


Update: According to Go Daddy was registered on November 19, 2009 a day before Friday’s Boston Globe story.  So were, and was registered by Kyle Armbrester the Chief Information Officer for Charlie Baker’s Campaign according to Go Daddy Whois records.  The others were registered at the same time but are domains by proxy.

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  • Say it ain’t so, EaBo.  

  • republicanvoices

    I have a feeling that this is shaping up to be a great week to be a Massachusetts Republican.  

  • Richard Tisei is a class act and will help energize the 1 in 10 voters, like Weld did, necessary for a GOP victory.  We’ve got great candidates shaping up for Auditor.  Anyone for the open Treasury seat?  How about AG and State Secretary?

  • I’m disappointed.  Putting aside how unimaginative this pick is, there are serious issues with a Tisei candidacy.

    Sen. Tisei opposed the income tax rollback, the only Republican legislator who did so.

    We can have discussions about various issues that divide the Republican Party.  Gun Rights, Gay Marriage, Abortion, etc.  However, the one thing that Unites Republicans is reducing taxes.  Richard Tisei opposed reducing taxes.

    This alone is reason to oppose his candidacy for Lt. Governor.

    Add in his liberal positions on a variety of other issues, and he should be opposed in a Primary.

  • This may not be a bad pick if Baker thinks he just needs an LG to not be a distraction and take all social issues off the table.  If the economy/2011 budget continue to look dismal, there is a good argument that Baker can just run on economic issues, not be Deval, and he can pull this off — even in a 3 way race.  Two North Shore candidates hurt the geographic diversity though, and so much for the days of recorded votes in the state senate…

    But this pick really does make a larger statement (and we’ll see whether it is true):  social conservatives in Massachusetts are completely and totally irrelevant.  To pick a candidate to his social left (not easy to do) makes that statement loud and clear.  Goes to show you that for all of the talk on this site from the MFI types, Baker’s people could care less whether you sit home on election day — in his model, he doesn’t need you to win.  Will be interesting to see whether his calculation is correct.

    The incredible thing about Tisei is that, as CoolCal notes, he can’t even hold the line on the fiscal stuff.  This creates the interesting dynamic of Baker being able to be the “conservative” on the ticket!

  • Incredible “inside” job by his two advisors if either Jones or Tisei is selected. Neither have done anything other than for their own limited districts.  Either would be a poor choice at this stage of the cvampaign will not bode well for the future success. I think Charlie is getting bad advice and thought he was deeper in his thought process.  Outside of Melrose or North Reading, both of these guys have limited recognition. Time for others (Karyn) to get their hat in the ring and run independently of any selectee by the candidate(s) for Governor.  

  • This reminds me of the Weld Cellucci ticket.  Bill Weld picked Paul Cellucci for the exact reasons Charlie Baker is picking Richard Tisei. It is a perfect combination.  Having someone who knows the Legislature helping somebody who is running as an outside reformer.  I live in Wakefield and have followed Tisei’s career.  Trust me he is no liberal.  He has been Governor Patrick’s number one critic.  Before it was fashionable.  He hasn’t been afraid to speak out on overspending and higher taxes.  A solid choice by Baker for sure but hate to lose him as my Senator.  

  • Karl Marx

    Has anyone in the Baker camp seriously considered this issue? This seat will most certainly be contested by the Democrats. Who does the GOP have in mind. Does a Republican administration in place with four GOP senators inspire confidence. It shouldn’t. That said I believe that Tisei has done a very good job as minority leader opposing the tax increases and pointing out the need for rational spending cuts. He’s a gentleman and a popular guy and a good seasoned legislator.

    But can someone help me out here and tell me where is the GOP candidate? This seat has Democrat written all over it with Tisei gone. And you know what? It won’t be a conservative Democrat like a Baddour or Richard Moore. It will be a left wing Marzilli type. This is Melrose Democratic state Katherine Clark’s lucky day.

    In a year (2010) that’s supposed to shape up as Revolution 2010 it sure looks like it’s going to be more of the same.

    The Baker campaign owes Republicans of all stripes an answer. And fast!

  •  Is still running for Governor. I think this move just clinched the nomination for Christy. I think the Republican party is still pro-life and pro-heterosexual. Thank you!

  • I like Richard and I think that he’ll prove to be an able campaigner.  Plus as Gov you need someone who you know won’t go off the reservation.  I’d wait until the actual announcement before considering it a done deal.  This could always be a trial balloon.


  • OK, so the big tent argument doesn’t hold any water. It’s a big tent and social conservatives are outside.  Welcome to the MAss GOP big tent.  We have liberal RINOs and ultra-liberal RINOs.  Instead of picking someone who agrees with the Deval Patrick/Therese Murray/Sal DiMasi/Barack Obama/Nancy Pelosi side of the gay “marriage” like a Brad Jones, we actually pick the SPOKESPERSON for it in Richard Tisei.

    Just weeks after saying they would return to “pocketbook” issues, Tisei does youtube interviews on what: taxes? no. pension reform? no. anything republican? no.  gay marriage and equality.  Great.  So much for pocket book issues…..

    Does anyone have Cahill’s # because if there are 2 independents in the race, I’m voting for the real one.

    BTW…since when did fiscal matters become more important then social issues?? They’re at least equal–lowering taxes doesn’t even matter if there isn’t even a life around to tax.  

  • Karl Marx

    The Baker-Tisei story bubbling over is drawing real activity in RMG. I have never logged on to see 21 users. Wow!





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  • This election is going to be about jobs and the economy and Tisei partners well with Baker on those issues.  Most importantly he has led the fight against the sales tax increase and the corporate tax increases that are crippling the Massachusetts economy.

    Voters aren’t going to be looking at ideologies they are going to be looking for who is going to be the most effective Governor, and to me that choice is easy, it is Charlie Baker.  If Baker thinks that Tisei can help him achieve reforms, or even help him navigate the bizarreness of Beacon Hill then it is a good pick.

  • I can’t believe some of the hand-wringing that’s going on on this site over Richard Tisei’s selection as Charlie Baker’s running mate.  I think he’s a great choice.

    I don’t live in Tisei’s district, but I’m right next door in Medford.  Any Republican who can carry the vote in a city like Malden for as long as Tisei has done deserves respect.  I think it just shows how he can appeal to voters across the political spectrum and help Charlie deliver a GOP victory next November.

    I also can’t believe some people are criticizing Tisei for delivering to the communities in his district.  To me, the fact that he can do that just shows how effective he has been as a legislator.  Experience counts, and he brings a wealth of experience to the table.

    And what’s up with the claims that Tisei is pro-tax?  Are you kidding me?  He’s one of the few people on Beacon Hill with the guts to stand up and speak out against the higher taxes that ultraliberals like Pat Jehlen (my Senator, unfortunately) keep forcing on us.  He’s got my vote.

  • Whoever Baker chooses LG lets not loose sight of the fact that it is the candidate for Governor that the vast majority of people cast their votes for.  Charlie Baker is the best candidate that the GOP has had in a generation.  He is going to do great.  Thank god we have him!!!!!

    If he does pick Tisei my guess is that he believes that in a three way election that Tisei’s proven record of attracting democrats and independents may just be what he needs to put him over the top in a tight election.

    I don’t care who he picks but Tisei makes sense to me.  Isn’t winning what this is all about?  Tisei has a solid voting record on the issues that matter this election – taxes and the economy.  Thats what people care about.

    Tisei makes Deval squrim and I love theway he has called him out on all the crap that has been going on.  I heard that Patrick personally recruited a candidate to try to knock him off.  I was going to contribute to him just because of that – now it looks like I will make my check out to his LG account.

  • Good scam if it is.  

  • politicalmadman
  • cfblake2

    Now is not the time for the same old same old.  We cannot go back to the way of doing things that has gotten us into this financial mess. It looks like Baker is doing the same old thing. Vote for Mihos to reform beacon Hill

  • Right now Richard Tisei is the highest ranking Republican in the state.  If he wins he race for Lt. Governor he will become the second highest ranking Republican in the state.

    I just thought that was interesting.

  • As someone who is more “moderate” on the social issues than many of the Republicans in my area and someone who really likes Senator Tisei from the few times we have met – I have to say I’m really on the fence on how this will help or hurt the Republican ticket.  I do know that Mihos is not conservative on the social issues and if someone does have a problem with Baker over his choice of Senator Tisei, they will NOT be jumping over to Mihos for this alone.


    Women’s Rights (Quote from Mihos Website): Christy supports a woman’s right to choose. However Christy does not support late term abortions unless the life of the mother is in question. Christy also believes that parents should be notified in cases when their children under the age of 18 seek an abortion.

    Gay Marriage (quote from 2006 Mihos supports gay marriage, saying “I don’t care what you do in your bedroom.”  

  • I love how all the Baker folks are flooding the site with comments…and its really indicative of where we stand as a party because most of the sentiment is so…how should I put it….NOSTALGIC! Weld/Celucci was hardly a “magical” ticket for Republicans…we lost more seats in the legislature, the counties, cities, local municipalities than ever before in our history under their tenure and we keep looking back fondly like a bunch of stupid goats. The Dems must be eating this crap up this morning because they know that the more we capitulate to the left and marginalize our base, the more likely we are to keep shrinking. The Republican Party in this state is effectively finished until we start concentrating on legislative seats and thats certainly not happening with a Baker/Tisei ticket. The “country club” republicans are back!

  • MerrimackMan

    If you had to give each of the four Gubernatorial tickets an ideological score from 0-100 (0 Being the Most Liberal), Im not 100% sure any of them would score in the 50-100 range now, and I am certain none would score from 60-100.

    I have no idea who to vote for now, and while the Cahill factor had limited my interest in this race substantially, this move makes me even more un-enthusiastic about the race as ever. Mihos is a nut, Baker/Tisei is more Liberal than any Democratic Gubernatorial Ticket in Any State in the “Fly Over States”, Cahill is an Old Hack Democrat, and Patrick is an unmitigated Disaster.

    This Plain Sucks…

    Guess my attention will go to the many State Senate and State Representative Races again….

  • Charlie Baker has a great shot at being our next Governor. I think this pick reflects who Charlie would actually want as his Lieutenant Governor.

    For example, McCain picked Sarah Palin in large part because the shock and awe of the choice would generate an enormous amount of publicity and excitement for the campaign. It worked for a while. But if anyone thinks that McCain actually wanted her sitting with him in the Oval Office then they are sorely mistaken.

    Baker is choosing the person whom he sees himself working best with when he is Governor. Tisei is obviously a trusted friend of his. Its a safe pick as opposed to picking someone else who is going to be a pain in the ass for 4 years.

    Much like how Bush ended up picking Cheney, so Baker picks Tisei. There is no better right hand man than someone you know you won’t have to worry about.


    Cahill has no shot … see 2009 NJ Governor’s Race … Chris Daggett  

  • Nothing against Senator Tisei, but I’m still holding out for Senator Brown.  I think Brown would have been a nice balance for Baker.  

  • The selection of Sen Tisei is sure to disappoint many social conservatives.  The best evidence thereof?  Our resident Charlie Baker hagiographer, BNCordiero, has yet to issue a post with effluent praise for the choice while  casting aspersions towards the Mihos camp (although letschange3 seems to be picking up the slack:

    As for me, I think that Sen. Tisei is a good choice.  Baker is probably thinking beyond the election and asking who he would like to govern with.  A rock ribbed conservative would not make for a happy marriage.  Sen. Tisei knows how to deal with the legislature and is a team player.  He won’t go off the reservation.  

    This is a little like George Bush’s choice of Cheney.  Cheney would have a minor impact on the election however he would have a large role in governing.  Same here.

    It signals to me that Baker is pretty confident about winning the election–that he didn’t pick someone who may have added geographical, ideological or socioeconomic diversity to the ticket.

    Of course, it may also signal that Mr. Baker is overconfident about winning the election.  Time will tell.