Breaking: Charlie Baker to choose Richard Tisei as his running mate

Update:It’s official. Announcement at 11:00 a.m.  In addition has launched.

Red Mass Group has learned from multiple sources with knowledge of the situation that Charlie Baker is very close to naming Richard Tisei, the Minority Leader of the Massachusetts State Senate, as his running mate.  The announcement is scheduled to be made tomorrow.


Update: According to Go Daddy was registered on November 19, 2009 a day before Friday’s Boston Globe story.  So were, and was registered by Kyle Armbrester the Chief Information Officer for Charlie Baker’s Campaign according to Go Daddy Whois records.  The others were registered at the same time but are domains by proxy.

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  1. Say it ain’t so, EaBo.  

  2. I have a feeling that this is shaping up to be a great week to be a Massachusetts Republican.  

  3. Richard Tisei is a class act and will help energize the 1 in 10 voters, like Weld did, necessary for a GOP victory.  We’ve got great candidates shaping up for Auditor.  Anyone for the open Treasury seat?  How about AG and State Secretary?

  4. I’m disappointed.  Putting aside how unimaginative this pick is, there are serious issues with a Tisei candidacy.

    Sen. Tisei opposed the income tax rollback, the only Republican legislator who did so.

    We can have discussions about various issues that divide the Republican Party.  Gun Rights, Gay Marriage, Abortion, etc.  However, the one thing that Unites Republicans is reducing taxes.  Richard Tisei opposed reducing taxes.

    This alone is reason to oppose his candidacy for Lt. Governor.

    Add in his liberal positions on a variety of other issues, and he should be opposed in a Primary.

  5. This may not be a bad pick if Baker thinks he just needs an LG to not be a distraction and take all social issues off the table.  If the economy/2011 budget continue to look dismal, there is a good argument that Baker can just run on economic issues, not be Deval, and he can pull this off — even in a 3 way race.  Two North Shore candidates hurt the geographic diversity though, and so much for the days of recorded votes in the state senate…

    But this pick really does make a larger statement (and we’ll see whether it is true):  social conservatives in Massachusetts are completely and totally irrelevant.  To pick a candidate to his social left (not easy to do) makes that statement loud and clear.  Goes to show you that for all of the talk on this site from the MFI types, Baker’s people could care less whether you sit home on election day — in his model, he doesn’t need you to win.  Will be interesting to see whether his calculation is correct.

    The incredible thing about Tisei is that, as CoolCal notes, he can’t even hold the line on the fiscal stuff.  This creates the interesting dynamic of Baker being able to be the “conservative” on the ticket!

  6. Incredible “inside” job by his two advisors if either Jones or Tisei is selected. Neither have done anything other than for their own limited districts.  Either would be a poor choice at this stage of the cvampaign will not bode well for the future success. I think Charlie is getting bad advice and thought he was deeper in his thought process.  Outside of Melrose or North Reading, both of these guys have limited recognition. Time for others (Karyn) to get their hat in the ring and run independently of any selectee by the candidate(s) for Governor.  

  7. This reminds me of the Weld Cellucci ticket.  Bill Weld picked Paul Cellucci for the exact reasons Charlie Baker is picking Richard Tisei. It is a perfect combination.  Having someone who knows the Legislature helping somebody who is running as an outside reformer.  I live in Wakefield and have followed Tisei’s career.  Trust me he is no liberal.  He has been Governor Patrick’s number one critic.  Before it was fashionable.  He hasn’t been afraid to speak out on overspending and higher taxes.  A solid choice by Baker for sure but hate to lose him as my Senator.  

  8. Has anyone in the Baker camp seriously considered this issue? This seat will most certainly be contested by the Democrats. Who does the GOP have in mind. Does a Republican administration in place with four GOP senators inspire confidence. It shouldn’t. That said I believe that Tisei has done a very good job as minority leader opposing the tax increases and pointing out the need for rational spending cuts. He’s a gentleman and a popular guy and a good seasoned legislator.

    But can someone help me out here and tell me where is the GOP candidate? This seat has Democrat written all over it with Tisei gone. And you know what? It won’t be a conservative Democrat like a Baddour or Richard Moore. It will be a left wing Marzilli type. This is Melrose Democratic state Katherine Clark’s lucky day.

    In a year (2010) that’s supposed to shape up as Revolution 2010 it sure looks like it’s going to be more of the same.

    The Baker campaign owes Republicans of all stripes an answer. And fast!

  9.  Is still running for Governor. I think this move just clinched the nomination for Christy. I think the Republican party is still pro-life and pro-heterosexual. Thank you!

  10. I like Richard and I think that he’ll prove to be an able campaigner.  Plus as Gov you need someone who you know won’t go off the reservation.  I’d wait until the actual announcement before considering it a done deal.  This could always be a trial balloon.


  11. OK, so the big tent argument doesn’t hold any water. It’s a big tent and social conservatives are outside.  Welcome to the MAss GOP big tent.  We have liberal RINOs and ultra-liberal RINOs.  Instead of picking someone who agrees with the Deval Patrick/Therese Murray/Sal DiMasi/Barack Obama/Nancy Pelosi side of the gay “marriage” like a Brad Jones, we actually pick the SPOKESPERSON for it in Richard Tisei.

    Just weeks after saying they would return to “pocketbook” issues, Tisei does youtube interviews on what: taxes? no. pension reform? no. anything republican? no.  gay marriage and equality.  Great.  So much for pocket book issues…..

    Does anyone have Cahill’s # because if there are 2 independents in the race, I’m voting for the real one.

    BTW…since when did fiscal matters become more important then social issues?? They’re at least equal–lowering taxes doesn’t even matter if there isn’t even a life around to tax.  

  12. The Baker-Tisei story bubbling over is drawing real activity in RMG. I have never logged on to see 21 users. Wow!





    Boston Insider

    Dr. Jones

    EaBo Clipper




    Karl Marx










  13. This election is going to be about jobs and the economy and Tisei partners well with Baker on those issues.  Most importantly he has led the fight against the sales tax increase and the corporate tax increases that are crippling the Massachusetts economy.

    Voters aren’t going to be looking at ideologies they are going to be looking for who is going to be the most effective Governor, and to me that choice is easy, it is Charlie Baker.  If Baker thinks that Tisei can help him achieve reforms, or even help him navigate the bizarreness of Beacon Hill then it is a good pick.

  14. I can’t believe some of the hand-wringing that’s going on on this site over Richard Tisei’s selection as Charlie Baker’s running mate.  I think he’s a great choice.

    I don’t live in Tisei’s district, but I’m right next door in Medford.  Any Republican who can carry the vote in a city like Malden for as long as Tisei has done deserves respect.  I think it just shows how he can appeal to voters across the political spectrum and help Charlie deliver a GOP victory next November.

    I also can’t believe some people are criticizing Tisei for delivering to the communities in his district.  To me, the fact that he can do that just shows how effective he has been as a legislator.  Experience counts, and he brings a wealth of experience to the table.

    And what’s up with the claims that Tisei is pro-tax?  Are you kidding me?  He’s one of the few people on Beacon Hill with the guts to stand up and speak out against the higher taxes that ultraliberals like Pat Jehlen (my Senator, unfortunately) keep forcing on us.  He’s got my vote.

  15. Whoever Baker chooses LG lets not loose sight of the fact that it is the candidate for Governor that the vast majority of people cast their votes for.  Charlie Baker is the best candidate that the GOP has had in a generation.  He is going to do great.  Thank god we have him!!!!!

    If he does pick Tisei my guess is that he believes that in a three way election that Tisei’s proven record of attracting democrats and independents may just be what he needs to put him over the top in a tight election.

    I don’t care who he picks but Tisei makes sense to me.  Isn’t winning what this is all about?  Tisei has a solid voting record on the issues that matter this election – taxes and the economy.  Thats what people care about.

    Tisei makes Deval squrim and I love theway he has called him out on all the crap that has been going on.  I heard that Patrick personally recruited a candidate to try to knock him off.  I was going to contribute to him just because of that – now it looks like I will make my check out to his LG account.

  16. Good scam if it is.  

  17. Now is not the time for the same old same old.  We cannot go back to the way of doing things that has gotten us into this financial mess. It looks like Baker is doing the same old thing. Vote for Mihos to reform beacon Hill

  18. Right now Richard Tisei is the highest ranking Republican in the state.  If he wins he race for Lt. Governor he will become the second highest ranking Republican in the state.

    I just thought that was interesting.

  19. As someone who is more “moderate” on the social issues than many of the Republicans in my area and someone who really likes Senator Tisei from the few times we have met – I have to say I’m really on the fence on how this will help or hurt the Republican ticket.  I do know that Mihos is not conservative on the social issues and if someone does have a problem with Baker over his choice of Senator Tisei, they will NOT be jumping over to Mihos for this alone.


    Women’s Rights (Quote from Mihos Website): Christy supports a woman’s right to choose. However Christy does not support late term abortions unless the life of the mother is in question. Christy also believes that parents should be notified in cases when their children under the age of 18 seek an abortion.

    Gay Marriage (quote from 2006 Mihos supports gay marriage, saying “I don’t care what you do in your bedroom.”  

  20. I love how all the Baker folks are flooding the site with comments…and its really indicative of where we stand as a party because most of the sentiment is so…how should I put it….NOSTALGIC! Weld/Celucci was hardly a “magical” ticket for Republicans…we lost more seats in the legislature, the counties, cities, local municipalities than ever before in our history under their tenure and we keep looking back fondly like a bunch of stupid goats. The Dems must be eating this crap up this morning because they know that the more we capitulate to the left and marginalize our base, the more likely we are to keep shrinking. The Republican Party in this state is effectively finished until we start concentrating on legislative seats and thats certainly not happening with a Baker/Tisei ticket. The “country club” republicans are back!

  21. If you had to give each of the four Gubernatorial tickets an ideological score from 0-100 (0 Being the Most Liberal), Im not 100% sure any of them would score in the 50-100 range now, and I am certain none would score from 60-100.

    I have no idea who to vote for now, and while the Cahill factor had limited my interest in this race substantially, this move makes me even more un-enthusiastic about the race as ever. Mihos is a nut, Baker/Tisei is more Liberal than any Democratic Gubernatorial Ticket in Any State in the “Fly Over States”, Cahill is an Old Hack Democrat, and Patrick is an unmitigated Disaster.

    This Plain Sucks…

    Guess my attention will go to the many State Senate and State Representative Races again….

  22. Charlie Baker has a great shot at being our next Governor. I think this pick reflects who Charlie would actually want as his Lieutenant Governor.

    For example, McCain picked Sarah Palin in large part because the shock and awe of the choice would generate an enormous amount of publicity and excitement for the campaign. It worked for a while. But if anyone thinks that McCain actually wanted her sitting with him in the Oval Office then they are sorely mistaken.

    Baker is choosing the person whom he sees himself working best with when he is Governor. Tisei is obviously a trusted friend of his. Its a safe pick as opposed to picking someone else who is going to be a pain in the ass for 4 years.

    Much like how Bush ended up picking Cheney, so Baker picks Tisei. There is no better right hand man than someone you know you won’t have to worry about.


    Cahill has no shot … see 2009 NJ Governor’s Race … Chris Daggett  

  23. Nothing against Senator Tisei, but I’m still holding out for Senator Brown.  I think Brown would have been a nice balance for Baker.  

  24. The selection of Sen Tisei is sure to disappoint many social conservatives.  The best evidence thereof?  Our resident Charlie Baker hagiographer, BNCordiero, has yet to issue a post with effluent praise for the choice while  casting aspersions towards the Mihos camp (although letschange3 seems to be picking up the slack:

    As for me, I think that Sen. Tisei is a good choice.  Baker is probably thinking beyond the election and asking who he would like to govern with.  A rock ribbed conservative would not make for a happy marriage.  Sen. Tisei knows how to deal with the legislature and is a team player.  He won’t go off the reservation.  

    This is a little like George Bush’s choice of Cheney.  Cheney would have a minor impact on the election however he would have a large role in governing.  Same here.

    It signals to me that Baker is pretty confident about winning the election–that he didn’t pick someone who may have added geographical, ideological or socioeconomic diversity to the ticket.

    Of course, it may also signal that Mr. Baker is overconfident about winning the election.  Time will tell.

  25. somervilleconservative
  26. But that means we need another candidate for LG. Any takers?  

  27. somervilleconservative

    Tisei is a terrible pick. If this news is true, it will likely cost Mr. Baker the race – maybe even the primary. Why is this happening?

    If Republicans are going to win this year, no matter what office, we need to attract independent voters. A realistic argument could be made that a moderate-conservative pick would be a solid choice to do just that. (I’d like a true conservative, but let’s be honest, that just won’t win in this state.) It would also help to have a woman or a minority candidate in the race.

    Tisei is not the right pick. He and his record do not offer anything to attract independents, but his record (on issues like taxes) is enough to alienate Republicans. He will dilute the base and won’t add anything to make it up. I’ve seen this in action. That’s why we don’t have any Republicans in places like where I live. Tisei wins consistently up in his district, but my friends there tell me it’s just because he gets lots of earmarks for stuff in his towns – also not a very Republican thing to do. No one I know actually agrees with his politics.

    If Tisei is so effective and his positions so commendable, then why do we only have a half-dozen Republicans in the Senate? He’s the leader. Why are we to believe his record of success would be any different as a LG candidate?

    Face it. It wouldn’t be any different. And it’s not because the Democrats are so good. It’s because Tisei and people like him offer nothing to voters.

    I hope other Republicans will take note and run on their own. If there’s a difference in ideology within our party, that’s exactly the type of thing that should be settled in a primary contest. I’m tired of always hearing that primaries hurt our party by wasting resources. What’s really hurting our party is a lack of leadership and a lack of principle. We can change that by selecting the right person for the job at the polls. Well said, Cool Cal.

    Let’s hope someone else will jump in. I’d consider Cruz, but Polito would be my preference. She could save this sinking ship.

    Otherwise, I think I’ll focus on the senate race. Nothing to see here. What a disappointment.

  28. I may not agree with Tisei on everything but it seems to me as the Senate Minority Leader he has been a pretty stand up anti-tax guy.  CLT – the preeminent anti-tax group extolled on RMG rated him 93% for 2007-2008.  I know he opposed the tax hikes in 2007-2008 as well as the increases the Democrats have passed this year.  He has been pushing to repeal the corporate tax increase passed last year by Dimasi and his cronies.

    The fact is he has served under six different Governors and brings a wealth of historical experience.  I hear he is a tenacious campaigner commuting from DC each weekend to campaign in his first race for the House back in 1984.

    I think the fact he has held a formerly Democrat Senate seat for what 19 years is a pretty good inidcator of his campaign ability.  His district is 2 cities and 4 suburbs running the gamut from relatively poor (Malden)  to pretty affluent (Lynnfield) with everything in between.

    Overall, a good solid pick with solid campaign credentials, a strong rolodex from years in office, a wealth of experience even if a few issues we disagree about.

  29. Tisei might really be instrumental in broadening the base for Republicans in Massachusetts, and perhaps later throughout New England.  

  30.… The voters who helped put Bill Weld over the top and become the first GOP Governor in 20 years.  We need to be the Party of the Big Tent on social issues so we can focus on the fiscal prudence and problem solving that Massachusetts needs.  Or we can just watch another generation of Democrats run our state into the ground.

  31. …does Richard Tisei appeal to new voters?  He’s been Minority Leader for 4-5 years.  He’s done very little to grow the Party.

    What is his appeal?  He’s Liberal, but he’s Cheap (except, he’s NOT Cheap.  He wants you to pay MORE in taxes!)?  We’ve been doing that for 10 years.  It hasn’t worked.

  32. I think Richard Tisei epitomizes the policy prescriptions of Ross Douthat (in Grand New Party), Rod Dreher (in Crunchy Cons), and Sam Tanenhaus, all in one.  

  33. for a long time….because he likes tax increases.

  34. So if you’re a Democrat who isn’t happy with Deval Patrick or an unenrolled voter who may be fiscally conservative and moderate on the social issues, why not just vote for Tim Cahill? Does Baker really think these voters will take the leap and vote for a Republican? I guess I just don’t see it. And Baker still has a primary to get through… A super moderate GOP ticket might work in the general, but will he get enough buy in from the base of the party to get through the primary? I’m not convinced.

  35. Maybe  because they have run away, real fast, from the Massgop because the party is not interested in “any social issues” See: Bay Windows Interview w/ Nassour

    I guess Reagan was wrong taking that stance on SOCIAL ISSUE.

    MFI types got how many signatures during their campaign ??  

  36. StartedoutRepublican

    When they ran against Silber/Claprood. How interesting.

    I think this has everything to do with the final election and winning independents and conservative Democrats.  

  37. He likes tax increases – give me a break. How can you criticize a Republican for saying a tax increase is probably inevitable when you have a legislature that is approaching 90% democrat seems like a pretty reasonable observation.  Isn’t that the whole problem  – that with Democrats in charge increased taxes are inevitable!!!  If it were not the case then why elect more Republicans!!!  Read he article I think Tisei says this is going to happen but I oppose it.  And look at the record – Tisei opposed the increase.

    I get you don’t like Tisei probably for some reason(s) you are not stating but try to be remotely fair and factual.

    Can you list some broad based tax increases he has supported.

  38. He’d like to give you answers. Let’s start a Conversation. Email your written or video question to:  

  39. You know who comes to mind, if only because I know her and she has helped me out on a few things? Melrose alderman and state committee member Monica Medeiros. Now, I don’t know if she would be interested; I definitely don’t speak for her, but she would be an excellent candidate, and she could beat the Democrats at their own identity-politics game and make it clearly about the issues.

    Again, I don’t know if that would be possible, but it is a thought.

  40. I believe he also works for Tisei.  

  41. Why do Tisei and Jones have limited name recognition but Polito somehow has great name id.  Get real they are all well known in their own areas of the state.  Tisei represents a Senate District which is four times the size of a House seat automatically more name recognition than Polito.  I get you are a Polito booster but make it on some objective criteria.

  42.  You speak of are more like 1 in 20.

  43. Of course a pro-gay station like FNX has a show called 1 in 10, but if you look at CDC numbers and real statistics, it’s more like 1.5 in 50.  That is so funny that you actually believe it.  Hey–did you hear about global climate change?  You should see the Day After Tomorrow and An Inconvenient Truth.

  44. Most of them aren’t actually gay, but they don’t want to be judgmental.

    And is investing billions of dollars into genetic engineering and creating a new entitlement for same-sex conception technology that would drain resources and solve no problem fiscally prudent?

  45. If Katherine Clark is going to run for Tisei’s seat then why not Monica Medeiros for the Rep. Seat?

    There are actually a lot of possibilities.  The seat changed a little over the years losing a little Melrose and adding vey Republican Lynnfield making a little better.

    In addition given a hoped for good Republican year combined with a potentially strong Tisei vote in his district it is not a lost cause yet by any means.

  46. but she’s not well known throughout the district. She would carry Lynnfield. But it’s unclear how she would do in Wakefield which is the epicenter of the district. Does she have appeal in Reading and Stoneham?  

  47. a Monica Medeiros look-a-like contest.

  48. Time and time again Christy says he doesn’t care about social issues.  Has he changed his mind?  You may disagree with Baker on the social issues but I think having a Governor Baker who might support a socially moderate or liberal idea is far better than Deval Patrick who pushes, promotes and lobbies for them.

  49. Christy supports gay rights (not sure about SSM) although he he said he supported the right of the people to vote on this issue. He’s not as socially conservative as you think!

  50. I agree Baker just gave the nomination to Christy Mihos. I think the people will see that Christy Mihos is the real fiscal reformer that will clean up the mess Deval has put us in with the help of the house. Just like Mihos campaign slogan “STOP THEM BEFORE THEY TAX AGAIN !”

  51. As for the social issues, most RMG know that I care less about them than the stalwarts of the right. Wakefield’s Town Meeting just approved a 0.75% tax on restaurant meals not sure of where Turco stands on that issue.  He does have some name recognition in the base of the district. I’m not sure if he actually works for Tisei’s office. I think Turco’s a lawyer.  

  52. He told me to go Eff myself during the 08 run up because I wouldnt support Rudy Guliani in the primary…told me I was a neanderthal for being a conservative and started blaming me for ruining the Party…all because I disagreed with him. This happened during a phone call on a Saturday morning…he was apoplectic. Maybe he was just having a bad day but its not a good idea to make support calls when you’re angry and frustrated. He really did act like an idiot.

  53. A good balance would in fact be a right of center woman or minority who can electrify not only the base but independents.  

  54. Republicans fought to reduce the 5.95% state income tax to 5%.  Richard Tisei, as a member of the Massachusetts State Senate, voted against it.  He was the only “Republican” who did so.

    People like Barbara Anderson, Paul Cellucci, and Dick Egan (RIP) raised and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to  make the Rollback happen.  Something Richard Tisei fought against.

    I understand that not all Republicans in Massachusetts will be as Conservative as me on all issues.  I accept that.  Charlie Baker and I not seeing eye to eye on Abortion or Gay Marriage hasn’t stopped me from supporting him, because I know at the end of the day, he will fight to create jobs, reduce taxes, and shrink the government.

    Richard Tisei voted to keep taxes high.  If I can’t even count on a “Republican” like Tisei to cut taxes, what is the point of him even being a Republican?

    He’s just another Beacon Hill Leftist.

  55. Because Polito appears on Fox News.  Tisei appears in Bay Windows.  Jones couldn’t get press if he saved someone’s life.

  56. explain rather than making shallow comments about one’s looks.

  57. I’m sure you’ll be an active participant, and aren’t a sock-puppet for Richard Tisei in any way!

    BTW, who is Meredith and Fred, and what do they have to do anything?

  58. The point I’m trying to make is that the GOP hasn’t thought about the long term. They don’t make them like Tisei anymore. He carries a Democratic District year in and year out. He’s an asset…as a legislator not a LG candidate.

    Your point about Malden is well-taken but Malden is changing and changing fast. Even Tisei has acknowledged as much. Malden changing demographic was one reason that Clark took a shot in 2004.  

  59. Any incumbent can carry anything.  This state has a 98% incumbency rate.  Clarke wasn’t running against Tisei, she was running for his seat when she leaves–just look at Mike Flaherty. Mike Capuano, and every other Democrat who does the same thing.

  60. I think you will find Tisei has been in the media quite a bit as minority leader if you care to look.  Jones has done Fox and other national media as well as ton of state media .  Polito has been out there too.  All the point was there is no way she had more name recognition or media presence hands down.  She may be a better shameless self-promoter but that isn’t necesarily a great trait in the number 2 spot.  

  61. Love it. Greatest post of the group!

    Left my sides hurting I laughed so hard!

  62. The question was – name a broad based tax increase that Tisei voted for and you could not do it.  Your analysis is absurd like those moonbats who think that since 70% of the voters opposed eliminating the income tax last election means people support raising taxes it is a non sequitur.  I will take CLT’s rating as the proof I need from the preemeinent anti-tax group in the Commonwealth whose virtues have been extolled here on RMG numerous times.

  63. Fair concern but Charlie is Essex county and Tisei is from the motherload of Middlesex county but I do get that they are both North of Boston.  I think Tisei’s ability to do well in the city and Italian background could serve the ticket well in the Medford, Revere, Winthrop and east Boston areas.  Weld/Cellucci were both Middlesex county albeit different areas.  Romney/Healey were Middlesex and Essex.  We won both times.

  64. Moreso about her relative obscurity.  

  65. …which means putting another Senate seat in play.

  66. Wh says Baker won;t just lie down and let the left do what it wants to ? Sort of an appeasement approach ?  

  67. The problem is that Tisei will lobby them and that’s what upset all the SoCo’s.

  68. He probably doesn’t know that the intellectual Chicago Law School establishment that is pushing same-sex marriage (and rejecting Civil Unions) has an underlying assumption that genetic engineering of designer babies and making babies from two sperm of two eggs is just another great invention like airplanes and that enabling same-sex couples to procreate is just like seeking a cure for cancer.

    Christy Mihos might have enough experience with expanding entitlements and cost containment to recognize a money pit when he sees one.  I could trust him to stand down the crazy biotech agenda and support natural conception rights.

  69. I thought social conservatives were called biggots and racists and told to go start their own party??

  70. Please Reference that birds of a feather….:

    “Matt Keswick of Keswick Consulting, a Quincy based lobbying firm received $3000 in March to provide “Political Consulting” for the Massachusetts Republican Party according to the Party’s filing with the Federal Elections Commission.

    This may shed some light on why Chairman Nassour sent a press release scolding Republicans in the State House for voting in favor of a reform bill that affected the Transportation Department. Transportation Secretary Dan Grabaouskas has worked closely with both Keswick and Nassour in the past.

    More oddly is an interview Nassour did with the gay advocate newspaper Bay Windows where she stated the Republican Party under her watch would de-emphasized socially conservative principles, not a view popular with any Republicans. Keswick, in addition to ties Grabaouskas who is openly gay, has donated over $3,000 to various liberal Democrats according to the Massachusetts Office of Campaigns and Political Finance. Of note, Keswick donated to three very liberal elected Democrats, all of whom care deeply about gay marriage; state Senate President Therese Murray $200.00, state Rep. Sarah K. Peake $200.00, and former state Senator Jarrett T. Barrios $200.00.

    Most odd was Keswick’s donation of $200 in June of 2008 to multi indicted (BRA-STUFFER) state Senator Diane Wilkerson.”

    See, elephants do have good memories!


  71. Has Mihos given any money to Democrats?  Or is he 100% clean in that department?

  72. Wrong! It’s popular with me! Now, I have my own issues with Jenn Nassour and her mentors in the New York State Republican Party, but that is not one of them. 😉

    The MassGOP needs to be classically liberal. Limited government, natural rights, individual freedoms, entirely secular. Similar to the FDP.

  73. what is it, his 4th engagement??

    Makes us laugh hard….. every election cycle….

  74. Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno


  75. Which issues do this intellectual triumvirate believe will resurrect the GOP?

  76. What more proof do you need? Same sex marriage is a settled issue in Massachusetts. It will be settled nationally within a generation. The Catholic Church has no political clout (and thank God for that because illegal immigrants would get far more benefits than what Deval has in mind). Abortion is also a settled question, like it or not. Stem cell research, the social conservatives lost that one. Maybe the social conservatives should start their own party in Massachusetts. See where that gets you!  

  77. When I spoke to Mihos recently, I asked those same questions. He  told me different.

    So with that said, once again I state: WHERE ARE THE INTERVIEWS WITH MIHOS, EABO ??? Maybe some are afraid of the answers ??

    Maybe this site is not as ” fair and objective” as some may think.

    Let’s just rename it ” RMG-Charlie Baker all the Time”  

  78. Karl,

    I don’t necessarily agree with you that those issues are settled.  They may be settling, but that’s a slight difference, imho.  Where I may agree is that this more so a cultural battle over generations to win the hearts & minds of the American people.  

    I’m a social conservative. I may have lost some battles but I refuse to concede the war.  I want a movement that will continue to fight the good fight.  That said, I want that movement within our Party, the Massachusetts Republican Party.  I maintain that the MassGOP is & will remain the only politically legitimate & viable option for social conservatives.  Sure, it might not always be a perfect fit but I’ll never let the perfect become the enemy of the good.  The Massachusetts Republican Party might not be perfect but it is damn good, imho.

    Social conservatives would commit political suicide by abandoning the MassGOP.

  79. State officials will have other issues to worry about, like how to get local agriculture and manufacturing going again, minimizing the disruption and chaos and violence.  Cahill seems to be the most prudent and aware of the real world problems looming out there.

  80. On what grounds can you state  “I maintain that the MassGOP is & will remain the only politically legitimate & viable option for social conservatives. ” ?

    They have totally ignored your position over the last 15 or so years and, with this pick, continue to do so.

    Question for all the so-called political geniuses out there : What now differentiates the Baker/Tsie ticket from a Cahill ticket ?

    NOTHING -so what reason is there for Dems and left leaning unerolled voters to vote for Baker ?

    NONE -people will vote for the real deal every time !!!

  81. This quote is directly from Christy’s website. I’m not saying that anyone should or shouldn’t accept the position but merely Christy admits that he is pro-choice.

    Women’s Rights

    Christy supports a woman’s right to choose. However Christy does not support late term abortions unless the life of the mother is in question.

    Christy also believes that parents should be notified in cases when their children under the age of 18 seek an abortion.

    Furthermore, unless Christy’s positions have changed since 2006, he is indeed for gay marriage:

    Supports marriage for same-sex couples, but OK on ballot. (Jul 2006)

    Supports gay marriage and adoption by same-sex couples. (Jun 2006)

    Christy Mihos (Independent)

    Mihos supports gay marriage, saying “I don’t care what you do in your bedroom.”

    Again, we can all decide to who support & not support based upon the evidence.  My entire point in a few postings lately is that trying to condemn Charlie Baker as some RINO by Christy Mihos supporters is utterly ridiculous.  Indeed, the two gentlemen share much of the same positions on social issues.

    I don’t entirely agree with either Charlie Baker or Christy Mihos on their social positions.  Me? I won’t take my ball & stay home.  I’ll support the Baker/Mihos ticket. Baker/Tisei 2010

  82. I would maintain that the inherent obstacles faced by any fledgling party – be it Constitution, Reform, America First, etc- in the Commonwealth are so great that social conservatives would grind themselves to a screeching halt if we tried to form a third party.

    More viable, imho, would be for we social conservatives to assert ourselves within the MassGOP.  Elect socially conservative local committees, elect socially conservative State Committee members, elect socially conservative candidates.  This has to be done in such a way as to highlight & showcase the best of the conservative movement & not be perceived as just a handful of angry cranks stirring up trouble for the sake of their own pride.  Rather, a positive, optimistic, and embracing movement that adheres to principle and sincerely makes its case from both the heart & the head.  Being hateful & shrill won’t do it but casting the same message in a way that attracts rather than repels just may carry the day.  

    I’d rather be inside the castle that is the MassGOP pushing for socially conservative principles & voices to be heard while sitting around the round table than standing outside of it yelling, screaming, and tossing pebbles at the castle walls.

    You & I may have to agree to disagree but I’m a self-professed social conservative and my home is the MassGOP.  I’d rather work to make it better, a more perfect union, rather than abandon it.

  83. …i a Primary vs. Peter Torkildsen when Bill Weld and he decided to run together as a “ticket”.

    Weld didn’t pick then state senator Cellucci.  Paul was already running.  A big difference here.

    This is in no way “just like Weld-Cellucci” in any way shape, or form.

    If people mean to say that Tisei will be the “natural successor” to A Gov. Baker, that right there is reason to oppose him in a Primary.

  84. It’s already receiving national attention today, due to its implications for the national GOP.  

  85. Can you show that the Base GOP vote has changed?  Can you show me an all around conservative who lost a state-wide race in Massachusetts because they where “too conservative”.  The most conservative candidate for Governor in a generation (Romney) won decisively.

    You’re young, and have very little experience in politics.  Can you even vote yet?

    You’ve read some books (BTW, David Frum is the Author of “Grand New Party”) but that hardly makes you an expert.  

    Try actually working on a campaign, and maybe winning an election before you start to lecture the rest of us.

    Don’t throw generalizations that have no basis in fact, because I’m going to call you on it.

  86. What implications for the GOP?  The occurrences in the Mass Gubernatorial race will have zero “implications” for the GOP nationally.

    People will look to states that are swing states to get implications.  Ohio Gubernatorial race (Republican Challenger is leading) Florida, California, Nevada, etc, etc.

    People in the rest of the United States aren’t going to say “why, hey, look, the ‘Republican’ candidates in Massachusetts where liberals in favor of Abortion and Gay Marriage!  One was even a gay guy!  We should run Gay Liberal pro-Abortion Republicans in Ohio!  That’s a winning strategy!”

    Except, anywhere but Massachusetts, it’s not.  It hasn’t even happened in Massachusetts yet.

  87. …you crack me up. But you are totally on target with this.  

  88. Brown took himself out of the running the minute he stepped into the US Senate race …

    He’ll run hard and build up his name but, ultimately, will go on to lose to Martha by at least 15%.

    Scott will then run for either Attorney General or Treasurer … giving up his State Senate seat. Either way, he is all done in the State Senate.  

  89. Cover It Live is better for live events…

  90. There’s a new search engine called “Google”.  You should try it.  Monica Medeiros is actually an elected official in Melorse.

    She just won re-election, unopposed as a Republican…

  91. Lifetime resident in Melrose.  Current Alderman, former school committee member, Republican state committee woman.  Melrose is roughly 2/3 of the district.  She is very well known in the district.

  92. I agree, Mihos and Baker have similar stances.


    Mihos is a tax reducer. He activley funds both CLT and Center for Small Govt.  He supports the sales tax rollback.

    Baker does NOT support the sales tax rollback AND Tisei not only doesn’t support, he voted to hike it in the first place.  He also has a long record of opposing other tax cuts.

    My objection to the Baker-Tisei ticket IS on economic grounds, not social ones.  Those stances are getting lost here.

  93. Overconfidence is a huge danger.  

    The Suffolk poll has Baker running third, 21 points behind Patrick.

    Baker’s name recognition is only 46 percent (13 favorable / 7 unfavorable / 27 heard of but no opinion).  Cahill’s name recognition is 84 percent (41 favorable / 13 unfavorable / 30 heard of but no opinion).  A major problem for Baker is that he has to establish name recognition during the campaign, when his opponents will be trying to position him in a negative light.

    Weld, Celucci, Romney and Healey all had high name id by virture of previous campaigns or offices.  (Weld had run for AG and resigned from the Reagan justice dept in a visible way).  Baker does not have this advantage.

    The spotlight of public scrutiny has not yet shown on Baker.  We do not know what criticisms will be offered by Cahill and the Dems, what will stick and what will not.

    Patrick campaign strategists–Plouffe and Axelrod–are very, very good.

    All that and I haven’t even mentioned Mihos.

    I’m not saying that Mr. Baker cannot surmount these barriers, only that victory is by no means a done deal.

    I’d feel a lot better if there were indications that the state GOP had a plan other than putting every resource into the Baker campaign.  I don’t see it.


  94. As I posted here earlier, I think Deval’s base of support will stay where it is until November 2010. The race for undecideds will likely shape up to be one between Baker and Cahill, and the dynamics of that mini-race will be quite similar to Weld vs. Silber in 1990.  

  95. With Tisei gone does that create a play for minority leader? (Who’s the current assistant minority leader?) Seems to me Brown might be in a good position to take that role.

  96. …actually can be found at work on a Monday.  :)   Fortunately, my work day got cut 4 hours short so that I can attend a charitable fundraiser with my boss.

    I’m kind of flatered that you’ve called me Charlie Baker’s hagiographer.  I can’t say that I know the gentleman as well as you probably think I do and I can also say that I’m not exactly on the payroll but if I’m going to support someone then I want to show that support, publicly & strongly.

    Having said that, since I’ve been home I have spoken with Senator Richard Tisei.  While our conversation is & will remain private, we had a good, full, fair & frank discussion.  As a socially conservative Republican, with no illusions about the differences that may seperate us, I will strongly… nay, enthusiastically… adhere to the Reagan 80% rule and continue to err on the side of party building & growth.  As such, I have personally told Richard Tisei that he has my 110% personal support for his candidacy for Lt. Governor.

  97. While I was at work today I received a robocall message on my voicemail from Barbara Anderson, Executive Director for Citizens for Limited Taxation & Government.

    Barbara Anderson endorsed Charlie Baker.  

  98. Hey BNC – I’m glad you weighted in on the race as many of us were wondering what your perspective would be.  I myself like Senator Tisei and have found him interesting, charming, and articulate to chat with.  On the other side, I am VERY concerned about the ultra conservative Republicans who were having a “little” problem with “moderate” Baker and now with the pick of Senator Tisei they are feeling really left out of the race.  I’m one of the first to say that the Republicans need a big tent and the 80% rule, but I also understand that the ultra conservative Republicans are not happy today.  Although there is no other Candidate out there for them to jump to either.  

  99. Would be ok if it was 80%. Why are you happy to give 110% of your effort for maybe just 50% in return? No wonder we’re screwed as a party! Prove to me that this choice will contribute to party building and growth. Which party? Apparently you were first on their list to call because you fell for their bullshit hook line and sinker…congratulations on your job prospects…they just got brighter.

  100. I wonder if there would be a conservative candidate who could run as an independent like with NY-23. Then they don’t even need to worry about getting past Baker in the primary. Would Scott Brown do that if Senate doesn’t work out? He’s got the organization in place.  

  101. Admittedly, there are some within our party for whom I don’t believe that the Lord Jesus Christ would satisfy them.  Some among us, very good people that they are, would rather fall upon their swords or go down with the HMS Titanic rather than extend a hand to a fellow Republican who doesn’t agree with them 100%.

    While I greatly understand that thinking, it’s a rather romantic & alluring perspective.  The problem is, at the end of the day… all your defiance just ends up for naught.  After all, if you fall upon your sword all you do is commit suicide & allow the other side to have total victory.  That’s simply not my style.  I’d rather fight the good fight, take what I can get today, and fight to take the rest tomorrow.

    Senator Tisei may have a primary, I have no idea as to what Christy Mihos & his camp may do or who may leap in upon their own accord.  As for me, Richard Tisei is not perfect but he’s good & I refuse to let the perfect become the enemy of the good.

    There may be times when I’ll disagree profoundly with Lieutenant Governor Tisei but I’d damn well rather take them up with him as our Lt. Gov. then as even Minority Leader Tisei.  

    I agree with my fellow “ultra conservative Republicans” on the issues.  I may differ in style & temperment.  That said, let me quote to you from pages 6-7 of Pat Buchanan’s autobiography, Right from the Beginning.

    In the early days of the French Revolution the Abbe de Sieyes declared: Now is the time to get more, after which we will demand and get everything.  That is the correct mindset for our conseravtive counterrevolution.

    As a socially conservative Massachusetts Republican, with Baker/Tisei 2010, I will get more and then I will demand & get everything!

  102. Interesting question, but from my experience, people seldom run against people they really like.  My guess is that Senator Scott Brown has a good friendship with Mr. Baker and would NEVER run against him.  

  103. That “don’t care what people do in their bedroom” comment shows that he isn’t aware that the issue is, what people do in labs!  And, where do they get the money?

    Here’s a Chicago Law HuffingtonPost blogger on the new battleground:

    I have no idea whether it will be possible someday to create a child using two eggs or two sperm, but if it does become possible I see no reason to prevent it (assuming it’s medically safe). In my view, this is really no different in principle from in vitro fertilization or curing cancer through scientific advancement or increasing the natural lifespan through better medicines and medical procedures or enabling man to fly by inventing airplanes.

  104. And that since Baker and Mihos are BOTH CLT members and supprotes,the CLTG PAC will not endorse or support pre-primary.

    (Full disclosure – CLTG endorsed me when I ran).

  105. You’re right, it doesn’t pay.  Nothing I’ve done as a local GOP committee chairman, State Committee member, or activist has ever paid me 1 red cent.  If anything, I could argue that it’s cost me much more over the years.  That said, I don’t do whatever it is I do for pay, or even recognition.  Rather, whether you love or hate me… I’m just around to do whatever I can do to advance the conserative Republican movement within the MassGOP as I believe that it ultimately benefits our Commonwealth and all of those in it.

    Maybe it would be nice to make a buck doing the political stuff that I obviously enjoy.  However, that day hasn’t come – it certainly isn’t today – and I’m not holding my breath for anything anytime soon.

    Honestly, if you’re in it for the money or titles then you’ll be sorely dissapointed.  I have had a few titles over the years and I appreciate every single one.  At the end of the day, however, the only one that matters is registered Republican activist.

  106. I only wish I was paid a stipend by someone for something!  Seriously, I probably could get a slightly more lucrative career if I wasn’t so damn busy with various political things.  I’ve even had people assume that State Committee members get paid stipends (HAHAHA!).  

    Whether I should or shouldn’t be isn’t the point… my only income comes from the Empire that Mr. Sam built.

  107. I must apologize for this Reader’s Digest version:

    Ross Douthat and Reihan Salam (that’s right, Cool Cal, I guess you’ve never heard of Google before) – Grand New Party:

    An engaging read, in which Douthat and Salam call for the GOP to become a “party of Sam’s Club,” as Tim Pawlenty puts it. The book offers a blueprint for a Republican revival among the working class, which involves a healthy dose of pragmatism with our fiscal conservatism. Senator Tisei has in many ways epitomized these prescriptions throughout his political career, by embracing an approach that favors the progressive values most of his district and the rest of the state believes in (local services, environmental protection, support for small businesses), while maintaining a managerial pragmatic conservative governing ethic. This has led to his opposition to the knee-jerk fiscal conservatism of the Question 1 ballot initiative in 2008, and the current sales tax rollback (Charlie Baker, and I’m sure the same applies for Senator Tisei, does support rolling back the sales tax to its previous level). Following this approach has clearly paid off, as evidenced by Tisei’s electoral success in cities like Malden and Melrose.

    I highly recommend getting a hold of this book, and following the writings of these two promising young conservative thinkers.

    Rod Dreher – Crunchy Cons: This fascinating book highlights the various strains of countercultural conservatism, e.g., the “birkenstocked Burkeans.” This countercultural conservatism is ingrained in Senator Tisei’s politics in so many ways. He was first elected to the State Legislature in 1984, becoming the youngest Republican elected to the House at 22. His conservatism is in the mold of Russell Kirk – an emphasis on local issues facing his constituents, in sharp contrast to Dick Armey’s (a leading purger of GOP moderates) recent dismissal of those issues as ‘parochial,’ and an excellent record on the environment. Tisei is a rare phenomenon among Republicans, earning high ratings and praise from organizations and media as diverse as: Citizens for Limited Taxation, the Boston Globe, Gun Owners’ Action League, MassEquality, Associated Industries of Massachusetts, Bay Windows, the Massachusetts League of Environmental Voters, and NARAL. Tisei is all about that, as he told the Globe in 1986, “I broke people’s preconceived notions about what a Republican is. We have to go on breaking the stereotypes.”

    Sam Tanenhaus – The Death of Conservatism: In a short, but probably one of the most authoritative recently released books on politics and political ideas I have read, Tanenhaus laments what he deems to be the death of intellectually grounded conservatism. I’ll let you read the book, and get right to the nitty gritty. I’m more optimistic than Tanenhaus about the future of conservatism, perhaps because I’m only 17, but I’m as pessimistic about its current state. What gives me hope for the future is the prospect of the election of a crop of new Republican faces with fresh ideas, throughout the country: candidates like Charlie Baker and Richard Tisei here in Massachusetts, and moderates like longtime NH-2 Congressman Charlie Bass regaining their old seats, after defeating opponents from the ultra-right in the primaries. Tanenhaus aptly refers to the Glenn Beck types of the conservative movement as, ‘revanchist.’ The Baker-Tisei ticket is the epitome of anti-revanchism.

  108. You know very well of my extensive involvement in Republican politics, since I was helping out with Russian outreach at Romney-Healey 2002 headquarters. Since then, I have dirtied my hands on a number of campaigns, ranging from Town Meeting to Governor. I’ve interned at the state party headquarters twice, worked on both Ogonowski campaigns (including the ill-fated one), have recently been helping out with fundraising for a few candidates, and plan to be heavily involved with our 2010 campaigns as soon as my schedule is less hectic with college applications.

    Why the sudden reverse ageism, then? Might it have something to do with my exit from Plato’s allegorical cave of conservative orthodoxy – when a good young Republican such as myself should be quietly minding his own business, reading my Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Ann Coulter?

    Most importantly, however, is how such comments affect and are perceived by other young people looking to get involved with the Republican party. Your kind of mentality isn’t going to fly with them, and will further marginalize young people who are outside of the GOP base. As Republican strategist Alex Castellanos put it in a recent interview with Politics magazine:

    There’s a new generation out there-and it’s not just a generation, it’s a movement-and unless you can identify with it culturally, they’re not going to listen to anything you say about policy or leadership. This is the most empowered generation of Americans that we’ve ever seen. These kids have never been told what to do by anybody.

    While Castellanos believes that this paradigm will haunt the Democrats:

    When this generation realizes that they’ve just elected the most imposing, power-hungry, tell-you-what-to-do government in American history, there are two currents that are going to crash there. A bottom-up generation has elected a top-down government. There are going to be fireworks.

    This same chain reaction can and will apply to the GOP, if we fail to accommodate the more fiscally conservative and socially moderate/libertarian, “South Park Conservatives.” I should have mentioned that book here, as these South Park Conservatives will be essential for the election of socially inclusive Republican Richard Tisei. Greg Mankiw, a conservative  professor of economics at Harvard does a great job extrapolating this phenonomenon on his blog.

    I also take issue with your characterization of my reading SOME books. Like Alexander Pope, I believe that, “a little learning is a dangerous thing.” I don’t “throw generalizations” based upon what I took away from SOME reading. To that end, I’ve spent a lot of time reading the foundational works of all schools of political thought, before I delved into more modern political works. I continue to do so. Of course I’m no expert! Have I contended anything to the contrary? I am, however, someone who has thought a great deal about, and does considerable research on political philosophy, theory, trends, and demographics. No surprise that my interest in these fields is based heavily upon my thinking about the future of the GOP, to the extent that I have been working and brainstorming for a number of months now with a few strategists, opinion makers, and fellow Young Republicans on one solution to redefine the Republican brand. I am no expert, but I, and other young Republicans like me, deserve to have the same say as you on the future of our party. EVEN if they have never worked on a campaign, but want to get involved with a more forward-looking GOP. Don’t you think? Or would you rather shun the free thinkers?

    Yes, Cool Cal, it’s a fact. By all conventional wisdom, John McCain was supposed to perform better in Massachusetts than George W Bush (regardless of Barack Obama’s national performance), but then he picked divisive Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (74-25% of Massachusetts voters believed she was unqualified) as his running mate. He did WORSE, and the VP selection hurt all of our deserving Republican candidates down ballot.

    Mitt Romney ran as a moderate Republican in 2002, and while I might not agree with all of his positions on the social issues now, they are clearly on the back burner for him. In 2012, I expect Romney to run as himself, a business-savvy pragmatist who has the bold Rx for our economy, and is a solutions-oriented Republican who devised a successful health care plan in Massachusetts, to boot. BTW. 57-40% of 2008 Republican primary voters in Massachusetts were pro-choice – is that factual enough for you?

    Finally, I love being called out by someone who can’t perform a simple Google search before challenging me on the facts. Ross Douthat and Reihan Salam were the authors of, “Grand New Party.” I haven’t linked to it, because I’m leaving the Googling part to you 😉 Feel free to call me out in the future, but please try making it a challenge next time.

  109. Tim Cahill will run into the same problem as every other independent candidate: no money.

    Sure, he has $2.5 million in his coffers now, but as a man with no political party he will not be the beneficiary of the millions of dollars that will pour into Deval’s and Charlie’s campaign through the state parties.

    Not to mention that, state party’s aside, Cahill will not have the Republican Gov’s Association or the Dem Governor’s Association paying for TV advertising come September.

    Cahill is no darling of the labor unions though he does have a blue collar appeal. He is touting himself as a cost cutter and fiscal conservative … unions do not like that.

    With regard to Daggett, all polls were showed him capturing at least 15% of the vote … he ends up with 6%. Independent candidates fade … and there is nothing special about Tim Cahill so far that says he will be the exception.

    He is a former Democrat from Quincy … not exactly a breath of fresh air.  

  110. be very careful tossing around those statistics you link to because for the most part they are irrelevant. Also be careful about demographics because you neglect to mention the vast number of people who are NOT involved in the political process but ARE eligible to vote, a large portion (maybe not a majority but that doesnt matter)of whom share some very conservative values with our party. I am impressed with the depth of your reading but that doesnt mean you are right. Nor does it mean that the facts you present make your point…so few Republican voters actually participated in the Mass Primary that it hardly represents anything. What you do not show is how the folks who sat it out feel about those issues.

    The Democrats took a page out of Karl Rove’s playbook in 2006 and 2008 by staging massive voter registration drives and get out the vote efforts. Thats how GWB won his second term with the largest popular vote count ever for any Presidential candidate (challenger or incumbent) in history.

    I believe that for the most part we are a center-right society. I can’t prove that for you here with links to facts or statistics but I’m sure I could look at demographic trends and other statistics that could at least give you pause about how social issues can effect perceptions about our brand.

    I too have read South Park Conservatives and agree that we are seeing a more libertarian streak emerge amongst the younger generation who cast a wary eye on the dogmatic liberalism that infuses our media and academic institutions, but that’s nothing new. It’s endemic to being American and its why when given a real choice I think voters will choose our brand, (even as it stands today regarding life issues and ssm) over the opposition.

    It’s good to know that there are young people like you who are actually studying political history, and it’s great that you understand the difference between polemicists like Beck and Coulter and actual political philosophy because a lot of adults I know don’t! Keep up the good work.

  111. Why are we trying to win over 1/3 of the electorate as opposed to 2/3 of the electorate?

  112. That it is politically incorrect to bash gays. But the voting booth is personal. One can express their real feelings there without reprisal. Gay marriage loses in the voting booth every time.

  113. It certainly would make it interesting if a socially conservative Republican Lt. Gov. candidate were to emerge.  If Christy Mihos were smart, he might just recruit one (having gone from a Democrat in 2006).  I’m not sure who would be “electable” in terms of a socially conservative name and willing to pair up with Mihos – but if it it were to happen it would change the math for some.

    If a candidate were to emerge that is unaffiliated, then that could be doubly interesting.

    Charlie Baker has made his pick and for many reasons it’s a good pick – especially fiscally.  It’s certainly a pick that Charlie is comfortable with in terms of working alongside during a campaign & while governing.

    No candidate in this race, be it for Gov. or Lt. Gov. matches my personal beliefs.  I believe that all of them know that at this point and I’ve explained my views multiple times here on RMG.

    That said, for sheer political drama a solid, socially conservative Lt. Gov candidate – especially one not recruited by the Mihos campaign – would perhaps throw a monkey wrench into the works.    

    At the end of the day, I think that most people will vote for whoever is at the top of the ticket and that these Lt. Gov. battles are more for us activists to agonize over.  The Lt. Gov. pick is very, very important but won’t overshadow the choice for either Charlie or Christy – which is the real choice.

  114. Afer all, so early – what did he accomplish other than making those not chosen less enthusiastic (if not angry?)

  115. I am not good in the research dept.  But I am sure BROCK will find out for us. Thanks Brock, we love you, man.

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