Bombshell: Baker camps asks Cahill to be No. 2; but Treasurer says “No thanks!.

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According to the Boston Globe, emissaries from the Baker campaign apparently approached current Treasurer Tim Cahill about the possibilities of the independent candidate for governor serving as number two on the GOP ticket.

State Treasurer Timothy P. Cahill, who is mounting an independent candidacy for governor, said yesterday that he had rejected entreaties from supporters of Republican rival Charles D. Baker to quit the race and serve as Baker’s running mate.

Cahill said he turned down the proposal, made Friday in a phone call from Joseph Nolan, an NSTAR executive active in Baker’s campaign, to Cahill’s chief of staff. That call, Cahill said, came a few weeks after another Baker supporter, former Weld administration official Mark Robinson, made a more general inquiry to another Cahill aide.

The pairing of the two self-described fiscal conservatives could have posed a strong challenge to Governor Deval Patrick, whose reelection hopes, according to early polls, could rest on a three-way race.

Cahill said that while he was not exactly insulted that Baker, who has never run for statewide office, would ask him to be his lieutenant governor, he was taken aback.

“I feel like I have every bit as much right to run for the top job as he does,” Cahill said in an interview. “And I would hope people would respect that

The Baker camp said the so-called emissaries do not represent the campaign — a not too plausible denial. In any respect, the overture to Cahill — bold as it may be — may have seriously misfired.  

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