Where are all the health care options?

With a Senate Finance Committee vote scheduled for Tuesday I got to wondering how it would be nice to know all the options for health care reform.  But, sadly precious few options have been floated and most of them include a form of government healthcare takeover, which most Americans object.

First, we hear that everyone must have health care.  Why?  Because if someone without health care gets hit by a bus he/she could require 10s of thousands of dollars in medical care.  What if that person was independently wealthy and could afford any treatment?  In other words why do rich people have to have health care if they don’t want it?  They can afford not to have it.  Why not create a medical savings account that can carry from year to year?  For instance, I have had a good family health care policy thru my work for 20+ years, without any need for treatment other than delivering babies and routine checkups.  If I had taken that money for premiums and put it in a savings fund it would easily total over a hundred thousand dollars.  Why isn’t that an option?  We can have bank accounts dedicated to retirement that earn interest tax free, why not accounts dedicated to health care that earn interest tax free?

If everyone must have health care then why not just a catastrophic policy, which would cover expenses over $15,000 per accident/treatment.  A policy like this would be very inexpensive and would require all routine treatment to be paid for by the patient.  The greatest majority of Americans have fairly routine and low cost treatments, so why not just insure against the high cost treatments?  So far catastrophic health care has not been part of the discussion.  The liberals are arguing incorrectly that bankruptcy is most often caused by medical care.  That rumor is absolutely false.  Does it play a part in bankruptcy?  Yes, and will more so when medical health care mandates are implemented.  Forcing one more expense upon Americans won’t reduce bankruptcy.  This is a case where catastrophic coverage would reduce the problems, not exacerbate them.  

So far from Washington all we are hearing is total coverage for everyone, with no exclusions for prior conditions.  And they are sneaking illegals into the mix again.  Where are all the health care options?

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