Tax Cuts: Are the GOP a One Trick Pony?

I love tax cuts.  Tax cuts poll well and unify Republicans.  Lower taxes are better for economic growth and let you keep more of your own money.  On this one issue the GOP gets a gold star… or a sugar cube.  Unfortunately, I feel our party has been running on an economic plank and not an economic platform in recent years.  More specifically, the GOP does not talk enough about the costs of regulation.

Oh there are a few isolated incidents.  Most Republicans have opposed “Cap and Trade” regulations and supported lifting the ban on offshore drilling.  “Cap and Trade” BTW is a regulation and not a tax.  People call it a “tax” to make a point.  It has the same impact on businesses as a tax, except there is no revenue for the government.  The increase in cost and decrease in production are the same.  The loss in jobs is the same.  Regulations can often be worse than taxes and this is an example of that.  On offshore drilling, most Republicans support lifting the ban now.  When in power, the GOP nothing on this issue and George H.W. Bush actually signed an executive order creating said ban.  When out of power, the GOP fights the Democrat politicians.  When in power, the GOP has failed at rolling back the crippling and one sided regulations designed to hurt American enterprise.


On the local side, I wish our restrictive zoning laws got more attention.  They won’t.  The same areas Republicans need to win are the bedroom communities that pass such laws.  “Not in my backyard” and all that.  These laws not only prevent economic activity, but prevent new construction in housing.  Lower supply in housing causes higher prices.  Many of us end up paying higher rent or mortgage payments while others simply move away.  Massachusetts has one of the highest costs of living in the nation and we are preparing to lose another congressional seat.

Balanced Budget.  Tort reform.  Republicans support them.  The American people support them.  Republicans in power didn’t do them.  Give me more.  We need an economic platform, not an economic plank.

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