Take that NH, RI, CT, VT, and ME Powerball is Coming to Massachusetts

Tim for Governor just scored big. After initially being rebuffed Massachusetts Lottery players will now have big jackpot opportunities four out of five nights a week. Powerball is coming to Massachusetts.

Powerball officials voted Wednesday to let Massachusetts begin offering the game, which could bring in between $25 million and $40 million annually for cities and towns.

he revenue estimate range is so large because of the game’s rich prizes, which can soar into the hundreds of millions. It hit a record jackpot of $365 million in 2006.

Cahill’s coup comes as Beacon Hill budget scribes this week estimated a grim $600 million revenue shortfall for this fiscal year.

“This is a great bonus,” said state Senate Ways and Means chairman Steve Panagiotakos (D-Lowell). “Money found is better than money lost, especially these days.”

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  • Does anyone else think that this is how the legislature is going to circumvent the Casino Question or am I just being Cynical? Did they promise that they were going to use the money for Education…again?

  • nomad943

    Where are they going to find room at the counter to place more ticket displays? The lottery has about 40 feet of counter space now and most of the “customers” are flat broke … Guess they could just take down the cigarette rack since noone can afford to buy them anymore either. Next will be the beer cases, replace them with lottery dispensers also.

  • geo999

    Although I have no empirical data to back this up – I would imagine that Powerball sales will result in a decline of our own state lottery games (Megabucks, etc.).

    What sense does it make to send our lottery receipts across state lines?  

  • BrocktonDave

    Aren’t we only getting a fraction of lottery revenues now?

    The state gets the lions share…

    Until they restore the diverted funds, I’ll buy my powerball in RI.

  • Now I won’t play four. I do wish Cahill would stop using projected gaming revenues in budget forecasts/