Senator Tisei on Governor Patrick’s economic summit

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Today’s so-called “economic summit” was really nothing more than another stop on Governor Patrick’s re-election campaign. It’s unfortunate that the Governor only invited his political supporters to participate. If he had invited a wider cross-section of Massachusetts business owners, he would no doubt have heard about how the recent increase in the sales tax and corporate tax hikes are driving businesses out of the state. He also would have heard about how over-regulation and the high cost of doing business in the Commonwealth is strangling local businesses and putting Massachusetts at a huge competitive disadvantage, which will only harm our chances of making a speedy economic recovery.

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  • Vote3rdpartynow

    You touch upon an important point in your video response that most liberals don’t understand.  Government, whether state or federal, shouldn’t be in the business of gambling taxpayer monies on the winners and losers of the business world.  They can not play favorites as they did with Evergreen Solar – which is proving to be a bad investment.

    I think the Republicans can make a great point about casinos and gambling with this analogy.  The Governor and the Democrat led legislature are using taxpayer monies and the state house as their own personal casino.  They take the taxpayers money and gamble it away on their favorite business of the month.  Who needs casinos when the legislature and Governor are gambling and losing our tax dollars?

  • and don’t forget how DOR is impressed with itself going after small manufacturers with respect to their sales tax exemption. I’m sure that will make business want to stay in the state. Let’s see take money from manufacturers, give it to film companies and evergreen solar 🙁