Scott Brown Files Good Samaritan Protection Bill

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Yet another reason for me to support State Senator Scott Brown.  He’s bringing common sense legislation to Beacon Hill and he’ll bring it to Capitol Hill as our next US Senator!

State Sen. Scott Brown (R-Wrentham) is pushing to protect anyone who uses deadly force to save lives from lawsuits after legal action was threatened against an off-duty security guard who shot a psych patient who was brutally slashing his doctor.

Brown will file legislation today expanding the Good Samaritan law to allow anyone who uses deadly force to protect themselves or another person from murder, aggravated rape, rape, manslaughter or armed robbery.

“We should be protecting people who put their lives at risk to prevent further crime,” said Brown. “My hope is this will stop attorneys from trying to seek damages.”…

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  • Scott Brown spoke about this at last night’s fundraiser.  It’s one of those good government bill that I doubt many of the apolitical people in the middle would disagree with.  One of the advantages he has in this race is that he is a sitting State Senator.  He can make news and raise issue by filing legislation.  Earlier he filed a bill do defund ACORN in Massachusetts and got some media attention for it.  Nice job.

    BTW:  BIG turnout last night in Wrentham.  Conservatively there were 300-400 people in the room with many more names on lists and name tags left untaken.  It was easily a six figure night for Scott Brown.  It’s hard for me to estimate beyond that because I don’t know how many paid $75 and how many paid $1000 or more.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    and I will clearly support Senator Scott Brown in his effort to become our next US Senator.

    Here is what I don’t understand about this situation though – A lunatic tries to kill his Doctor.  He stabs her repeatedly and is caught in the act.  The witness and good Samaritan uses deadly force too stop the clearly premeditated murder.  So my question becomes – with such a simple and obvious crime why isn’t the Massachusetts bar association warning the perps Lawyer to shut his mouth and stop the bullsh*t.

    Maybe the Massachusetts Bar Association hasn’t noticed lately, but lawyers have a freakin’ horrible reputation.  Next to used car salesmen they are about the bottom of the barrel.  Yet, when a case like this comes up the Bar Association does nothing to stop the perpetuation of their bad behavior by regulating itself.  The perps Lawyer should be told to shut up and sit down.

    In the medical field this happens quite a lot.  Bad Doctors are thrown out of their professional associations left and right for being bad in their practice.  But Lawyers are allowed to practice bad law all the time without any rebuke from the professional associations.  Why?

  • This stuff always bothers me, what’s worse is that they might even ‘settle’ if he sues as that’s sometimes cheaper.