RMG Goes To Honduras

(Updated 10/10/2009 – We’re not dead…yet. Estados Unidos!   – promoted by Garrett)

In a few hours I will be on my way to lovely and slightly unstable Honduras. The purpose of my journey is to cheer on the USA as we take on Honduras in the second-to-final round of World Cup qualifying. I have decided to bring RMG along for the ride and give them a look into Honduras.

I am bringing my web cam and will stream live as much as possible. I am not really sure what things are like in San Pedro Sula. Most of the reports are positive and say there is nothing to worry about but there are some that emphasize extreme caution. I will determine where this adventure takes me upon my arrival. It is expected that over 100 American civilians are attending the game and I am hearing rumors that 200 sailors from a nearby Naval facility will attend, too.

Now I understand that this is not the most Massachusetts oriented of stories but most of my posts will be over the Columbus Day weekend. If you’ve been posting/reading here long enough you know that weekends are slow for news and content. There is much at stake in the political struggle in Honduras. The people of Honduras are battling against Hugo Chavez style socialism. If Honduras falls to socialism it could spell even further trouble for the region.

Oh, almost forgot, the main color American fans are encouraged to wear is RED.

Here is the web cam feed

These are the tickets for the game:

If you never read the newspaper or watched the news you would have no idea there is a constitutional crisis in Honduras, particularly San Pedro Sula. There are no riots in the streets or massive political demonstrations in the city center. Instead it appears the match with the United States is creating some unity among the Honduran people. Honduran national team gear is everywhere. People were selling shirts and flags at the airport to people arriving. On the main road into the city from the airport people are selling horns, knock-off Honduran jerseys, flags, and other trinkets featuring the blue and white of Honduras.

The heaviest police presence is at the hotel of the US national team and it goes with them everywhere they go. The area around the hotel contains many of the same staples one would find in most developed cities except with more trash and grit. There are three abandoned push-carts in the median across from the hotel and this is something that recurs throughout the city, particularly along the main drag.

Private armed security guards are everywhere. Their weapon of choice appears to be a pump shotgun or automatic shotgun. Not something you see everyday on the streets of Boston.

More later…I am working a few angles here.  

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