Rep. Jeff Perry: Reform Before Taxation or Cuts

More words of wisdom from one of our great Massachusetts Republican state representatives!

As someone who voted against the state budget, stating at the time that is was disappointing that the solution to the fiscal crisis was to increase taxes on sales, meals, telecommunications, alcohol, satellite television, hotel stays, nursing home residents and fees at the Registry of Motor Vehicles, I continue to wonder when the governor and legislature will embrace reform over taxation and cuts. It is my view that when the majority party and the governor passed our current budget they failed to make many of the necessary difficult choices to reform state government. They simply raised taxes and crossed their fingers and hoped things would get better.

Rather than giving the governor additional power to cut education, public safety and human services spending even further, I would suggest the legislature and governor put aside the usual political rhetoric regarding reform and embrace some real cost savings. Here is a summary of over $1 billion in cost savings we should adopt now:…

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