Reaction to Obama’s Nobel

I would like to point out that there has been quite a variety of reaction’s to Obama’s Nobel, particularly from the left.

This Greenwald article is well worth reading, as he draws attention to how ThinkProgress and the DNC are echoing some of the more odious tactics of the last decade, accusing the RNC of siding with the Taliban by raising questions about the Nobel–obviously a disgusting thing to do.

At the core of this has to be the question–“has Obama done anything to significantly further peace that puts him among the top peacemakers in the world?” Some deny this for reasons that, I think, are ridiculous (on Redstate, there’s one article saying that Obama could truly further peace by putting up a missile shield). I, personally, have my own set of objections. But none of these criticisms are equivalent to siding with the terrorists.

So in summary, the left is not united in Obama-fawning. On the left, I would say that there are many who support peace more than they support Barack Obama, and many who think that the two sometimes contradict.

Finally, I would like to credit the Globe with a very reasonable, well-written response. I must say that I love the juxtaposition of the peace prize article and the “Obama assembles war council” article.

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