President Obama, Massachusetts Needs a Special Prosecutor to Investigate Corruption

October 23, 2009

President Obama:

Last evening I had the opportunity to be at the Westin Copley Place.  I took the picture you see to the left.  It is a picture of one of the podiums from which you will speak tomorrow.  From that podium you have two choices.  You can praise the work of the Massachusetts Democratic Party and your friend Deval Patrick, or you can call on that party to clean up its act.  If the party doesn’t volunteer to clean up it’s act you should ask Attorney General Holder to appoint a Special Prosecutor with powers to investigate Massachusetts State Government.  You see Mr. President, the Massachusetts Democratic Party over the past year has shown itself to be one of the most corrupt in the nation. Although you may be used to this sort of corruption being from Chicago and all, we here in Massachusetts still see it for what it is, corruption.

You may be asking yourself, doesn’t Massachusetts have an Attorney General? Can’t that Attorney General handle corruption probes.  Well yes Mr. President we do have an Attorney General, perhaps you’ve heard of her? Martha Coakley is her name and she is the leading candidate of your party for the Senate Seat left vacant special election caused by the death of Senator Kennedy.  I almost forgot, it would have been a vacant seat, but as you know the reason you are here is to pay back Deval Patrick and the Massachusetts Democratic Party for having the political courage to once again change election laws to suit your agenda’s needs.  A little quid pro quo still goes a long way.

Sorry for the digression Mr. President but let’s get back to General Coakley.  You see instead of focusing on the corruption in this state and rooting it out, General Coakley has been running for Senator Kennedy’s seat since he announced his brain cancer.  She’s been running a secret campaign for the seat for over a year. As part of that campaign the Attorney General has turned a blind eye to the corruption going on all around her. After all, why would she want to upset potential allies by investigating them.  

Over the past 24 months Massachusetts has been rocked by corruption scandal after corruption scandal.  

It started when State Senator James Marzilli, during his special election allegedly sexually assaulted a female campaign worker.  Neither Attorney General Coakley nor her protege Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone chose to prosecute Marzilli.  After ignoring the warning signs of that attack Marzilli was picked up in Lowell, Massachusetts for attempting to sexually assault multiple women in broad daylight.  If you’d like to read more about that attack you can do so here.

Last summer in what was one of the most brazen examples of graft State Senator Dianne Wilkerson, who’s been in trouble with the law for her entire tenure, was literally caught stuffing her bra with ill gotten gains.  Again Attorney General Coakley wasn’t even to the party on this.  It was Bush appointee Michael Sullivan who led the charge on rooting out this corruption.

Then late last year we learned of the ethical challenges of our Speaker of the House, Salvatore DiMasi.  You see Sal was caught up in the time honored tradition of graft.  He helped some “friends” with legislation, they helped Sal with his pocket-book.  Good old fashioned quid pro quo, you know about the quid pro quo right Mr. President.  It’s a time honored Chicago tradition.  Oh I forgot we already talked about that, after all today really is a quid pro quo for delivering a vote in the Senate to you isn’t it?

I digressed again, I’m sorry about that.  While the ethical cloud was hanging over him Speaker DiMasi ran for re-election to the Speakership.  You’d think the legislature would choose someone else right? No they voted for good ole Sal overwhelmingly.  Now they’re hiding under the canard that he wasn’t indicted then so they didn’t want to judge him without a fair trial.  The court of law and the General Court are two different things Mr. President.  It hasn’t ended well for dear old Sal.  He’s been indicted on multiple charges including extortion.  He is the third Speaker of the House in a row to be indicted on Federal Charges.

Then this year we learned that Mayor Thomas Menino’s aide has been illegally deleting emails.  After being warned by the Feds not to.  Attorney General Coakley’s office is “investigating” but of course won’t be issuing any findings until “after the election”.  After all she wouldn’t want to upset a potential supporter in Mayor Menino.  

President Obama, our government in Massachusetts is corrupt.  You pledged to change the way government operates to be more open and transparent.  You can go a long way towards that by today both by challenging the Massachusetts Democratic Party for whom you are raising hundreds of thousands of dollars today to clean up its own act, and by having your Attorney General appoint a special prosecutor.

The special prosecutor you appoint should have the power to look into all aspects of Massachusetts Government at all levels.  Mr. President we can’t trust our government in Massachusetts, the time to act is now.

With Regards,

Robert “EaBo Clipper” Eno

Shrewsbury Massachusetts

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