Please Join Me and Many Others In Howie Carr Sponsor Protest

(This boycott is silly. Red Mass Group does not support the boycott of Howie Carr or his advertisers. Michael’s Deli is awesome.   – promoted by Garrett)

Hello again RMG. I have been championing the cause to boycott Howie Carr radio advertisers.

There are many many people in Boston who have listened to and read him for 20 plus years and do not need an explanation of why he is different from Jay Severin, Bill O’Reilly, Michael Graham, Keith Obelman, Rush Limbaugh, Hannify, Jim Braude, Gerry Callahan, Don Imus….. Of course they have all been impolite at times. Impoliteness is what fuels my posts for crissakes.

But Howie is much different. He lacks a sense of decency which  and we don’t need explanations

This protest has to move beyond “lefty bloggers”.

Regular people and customers have to tell Bob Sheridan, Sal Bertolami, Dennis Drinkwater and others that “Hey, Howie’s just not a good guy.”

What goes around comes around and it is time that us Bostonians band together and let him know that although funny and intelligent his motis operandi is not appreciated by any person with decency. Throwing punch after punch after punch at a guy already knocked down and given the ten count is beyond classless. The constant fat jokes about George Keverian back in the day; the ready to pounce when a small time politician family member gets into to trouble; the bizarre repetitive attacks on Tom Finneran.

The track girls don’t do that.

Time for Bostonians to join forces and finally do the right thing.  

There is nastiness, then there is nastiness.

Red Mass Group and Blue Mass Group are pioneers in a new kind of communication and perhaps journalism.

As many of you know, I am the anti-BMGer. I have been nothing but a pimple on their ass since day one. They tolerate me.

The reason I say this is because this is boycott is not about political philosophy. It’s about decency.

Below are e-mail addresses for Howie Carr radio advertisers.

If you agree please let them know how you feel.

Eastern Standard Restaurant

SBLI Life Insurance Of Massachusetts

cannot find e-mail address – can someone help?

Armstrong Advisory Group

Hanover Chop House

Amica Insurance

cannot find e-mail address – can someone help?

Michael’s Deli

Giant Glass (1-800-52-GIANT)

Shaws Supermarkets

cannot find e-mail address – can someone help?

Marconi Olive Oil

Commerce Insurance

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