Obama: Stimulus costs Massachusetts $381,574 per Massachusetts job!

According to Recovery.gov the “stimulus” has “created or saved” 640,329 as of 10/30/2010.  These are the numbers President Obama is trying to sell us.  The Associated Press argues that these numbers are overstated and the government’s own Bureau of Labor Statistics has shown rising unemployment since the stimulus has been passed.  However, for the purposes of an apples-to-apples analysis I will use the President’s own numbers for the purposes of this post.

The President claims 640,329 jobs have been “created or saved” nationwide with just 12,374 of them from Massachusetts.  That works out to be 1.93% of the total jobs.

According to the official United States Census the national population is 304,059,724 with a Massachusetts population of 6,497,967 Americans.  That works out to be 2.14% of the total population.  If we received 2.14% of the jobs that works out to 13,684 jobs, leaving us 1,310 jobs short of the national average.

When you look at the share of the federal tax burden Massachusetts residents pay the analysis is even worse for us.  According to the Internal Revenue Service the federal government collected $2,742,190,129,000 in gross revenues with $81,367,437,000 coming from Massachusetts.  That works out to be 2.97% of the federal tax burden.  If we received 2.97% of the jobs that works out to be 19,000 jobs, leaving us 6,626 jobs short of the national average.


According to the President’s own numbers at Recovery.gov $158,976,620,895 has been spent from the stimulus.  The Massachusetts share of that tax burden is $4,721,605,641 for 12,374 Massachusetts jobs.  That works out to be $381,574 Massachusetts dollars for each Massachusetts job.

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