Nobel Prize “jumps the shark”

News is breaking that Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize today for his “commitment to diplomacy”.  Not that he’s actually done anything internationally mind you, but he’s going to talk about it.  Let’s review the Obama foreign policy record shall we?

1. Escalating deaths of US servicemen in Afghanistan.  Say what you will about George W. Bush, but he was interested in his military.  Barack Obama waited almost ten months before he met with the General in charge of Afghanistan.  He has by most accounts been disinterested in the prosecution of the war.

2. Selling out strong allies:  The former Warsaw Pact countries are some of our strongest allies. Poland, the Ukraine, the Czech Republic amongst others have a deep appreciation for the United States and the role we played in freeing them from the Soviet yoke.  Barack Obama in one fell swoop, on the 70th anniversary of the Nazi attack no less, threw Poland right back into the Russian sphere by pulling out of missle defense.

3. Barack Obama through his inaction missed a golden opportunity to side with the people of Iran in their quest for freedom.  It is the natural state of man to want to be free, to live his or her life free of government control, to be in control of his or her own desitiny.  The Iranian people showed the beginning of a move towards liberalism (small l).  Barack Obama by not siding with reformers emboldened Ahmadinejad.  We are now at the point where Iran is openly preparing to become a nuclear power.

There is no peace without strength.  Barack Obama is undercutting the strength of America.  The naive people that vote for the Nobel Peace Prize obviously like a “humble” America.  They better be carefull what they wish for.  Me I’ll listen to Canadian newsman Gordon Sinclair.

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