MassGOP Senators: Educate Children on American Flag Ettiquette

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I’ve long thought that it would be a good idea to have municipal buildings fly the state flag beneath our American flag.  However, my point here is that it’s sad when our school children do not understand the proper use, display, and general etiquette regarding the Stars & Stripes.

Three cheers to the MassGOP State Senators Richard Tisei, Mike Knapik, Bob Hedlund, Bruce Tarr & Scott Brown!  

Now, last Tuesday the Dartmouth Town Meeting passed an article, sponsored by the Dartmouth Democrats, to require that American flags (as well as state, town, & POW/MIA flags to be made in America and America only.  The article passed after some discussion about protectionism and patriotism.  Anyway, the article ultimately did pass with bipartisan support as Dartmouth Republicans were on both sides of the debate.

Anyway, will there be bipartisan support locally & in the state legislature for this display of patriotism and act of education?  

Republican state lawmakers are pushing for a change in law that would require public elementary and high schools to instruct students on the proper use and display of the American flag. The bill would add language to an existing law that requires students to learn about American history, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights. The bill would mandate that schools also teach students about “the proper etiquette, the correct use and display of the flag.” The proposal is set to come up at a public hearing Tuesday at the State House. The bill is cosponsored by the five Republican members of the Massachusetts Senate, including Scott Brown of Wrentham, a candidate for the special election to fill Edward M. Kennedy’s US Senate seat. (AP)…

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