MassGOP: Final 72 Hours

I received this email in my inbox this morning from MassGOP Executive Director Nick Connors.  You can reply to this call-to-arms by emailing Nick at

I know that today is Halloween but if you’ve got some local candidates our your way in need of help then PLEASE give them a few hours of your time between now & the close of the polls on Tuesday.  

If you cannot help out your local candidates then please consider pitching in with the Chris Christie campaign down in New Jersey, from the comfort of your own home.

The final 72 Hours are finally here with local elections across Massachusetts coming down to the final three days.  I am writing to ask you to do all you can to support local candidates in your area.  They need your help!

I am also asking you to join us in supporting Chris Christie in his efforts to make history and win the New Jersey gubernatorial election next Tuesday.

If you do not have a local candidate to get out and help this weekend please join the NJ team in turning out the vote.

We have an exciting opportunity to help out right from your home or office – anywhere with an internet connection!

If you can dedicate any time in the coming three days to support Chris Christie reply to this email and we will assign you a username and password.  There is a web portal that has been developed that will provide you with all the information you need including calls which will be connected to your phone, a script and a form to report your results in real time.

Your local candidates and any others would love your help this weekend – please do whatever you can!

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