MA Gov. Race: September Fundraising Totals

The following are the official totals according to the Office of Campaign and Political Finance.    The totals are for the month of September, 2009.

Baker: $381,468.56 raised, $44,015.10 spent, $461,073.46 on hand.

With $500 maximum contributions this is a very impressive one month total.  Charlie Baker clearly has an impressive Rolodex in both the public and private sector.  The low burn rate is also impressive.  Over 88 cents on the dollar is being saved for later in the campaign.  At this rate Baker will have over $1,000,000 on hand by the end of the calendar year.  He can then begin hitting up the same donors all over again.

Mihos: $4,418 raised, $125,998.15 spent, $89,858.07 on hand.

Christy has the ability to self finance and lack of money will unlikely be his problem.  The discouraging sign is the lack of financial supporters.  Baker has most of the Republican establishment behind him.  For Christy to win, he will need a groundswell of popular support.  There is no evidence of that happening here.  Unlike Baker, Mihos is hemorrhaging his personal wealth with very little coming in the back end.  John Lakian called, he wants his campaign back.


Dembrowski: $0 raised, $0 spent, $90 on hand.

Cahill: $204,435 raised, $32,481.07 spent $547,206.00 on hand.

Treasurer Tim is doing better than I thought he would.  It’s hard for me to tell where his fund raising base is coming from.  He has already left the Democrat party and his OCPF report has an unusually high number of “Info Requested” listed for occupation.

Patrick (developing): $46,089.58 raised, $29,219.08 spent, $481,286.90 on hand.

Deval has not filed his 9/30 report yet.  These numbers are only through 9/15.  It has been reported that the second half number will be even less impressive.  The Governor has a fundraiser coming up with President Obama on October 23rd.

Murray: $51,301.47 raised, $55,562.44 spent, $184,605.20 on hand.

The LG is Deval’s running mate making these numbers equally important to the ticket.  Should the Governor not seek a second term for any reason, the other Tim would likely step in to run himself.

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