Krauthammer: Obama Cannot Refrain From Attacking Bush

This coming Tuesday will be one year after the election of Barack Obama.  By all accounts  transition between Bush and Obama was cordial so to a large extent, Mr. Obama has had access to  the levers of policy for one year and has been in full control of policy for the nine months since his inauguration.  

So why can’t Mr. Obama stop blaming George Bush for his failures?  

The most recent episode is blaming Bush for the strategic “drift” in Afghanistan.  


As Charles Krauthammer points out, it is his own strategy that is flawed and deserves reexamination.  Instead, Krauthammer points out that Mr. Obama attacks his predecessor in a “child like” manner.

More from Charles here:  http://www.realclearpolitics.c…

Is there anything he hasn’t blamed George W. Bush for? The economy, global warming, the credit crisis, Middle East stalemate, the deficit, anti-Americanism abroad — everything but swine flu.

It’s as if Obama’s presidency hasn’t really started. He’s still taking inventory of the Bush years. Just this Monday, he referred to “long years of drift” in Afghanistan in order to, I suppose, explain away his own, well, yearlong drift on Afghanistan.

This compulsion to attack his predecessor is as stale as it is unseemly. Obama was elected a year ago. He became commander in chief two months later. He then solemnly announced his own “comprehensive new strategy” for Afghanistan seven months ago. And it was not an off-the-cuff decision. “My administration has heard from our military commanders, as well as our diplomats,” the president assured us. “We’ve consulted with the Afghan and Pakistani governments, with our partners and our NATO allies, and with other donors and international organizations” and “with members of Congress. “

I noted in my review of the websites of the Massachusetts Democrats that are running for the senate that there was little Bush bashing.  I found that refreshing.

Like Mr. Krauthammer, I find Mr. Obama’s penchant for blaming Mr. Bush for whatever goes wrong a sign of immaturity and insecurity on the part of the president.  


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