Hey Sen. Bob Hedlund, “You’re Fired!”

This story in today’s Boston Herald got me a little worried at first as it seemed State Senator Bob Hedlund (R-Weymouth) has become a man without Red Sox Nation.  However, be assured he’s still among the Fenway Faithful.

That said, I had to laugh at the rest of this story:

Hedlund’s friends, Bay State baseball uber-fans Brian and Jimmy Sullivan, for years have been presenting their handcrafted Babe Ruth Home Run Award to Major League Baseball’s top slugger. The award is usually given by Ruth’s grandson or daughter.

But this year, Ruth’s relatives were unavailable, so the Sullivans invited Hedlund to give the award to Phillies home run machine Ryan Howard. A starry-eyed Hedlund was overwhelmed and has a slew of pictures of himself on the Jumbotron with Howard to prove it.

To legitimize the ceremony, the brothers dubbed Hedlund a temporary vice president of their company, Sullivan Artworks. But his tenure was short-lived: On the way out of the ballpark, the brothers told Hedlund, “Oh yeah, by the way. You’re fired.”


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