Governor Patrick meet Judy Meredith..Now run as fast as you can.

Joan Vennochi’s column in today’s Globe is priceless. If Joan is right, the very same people that represent the ultra far left of Deval Patrick’s party are asking that he and his Legislative pals commit political suicide. Led by Judy Meredith, a good friend of Charlie Baker (wink and nod), Libs are asking for a broad array of tax increases. Bring on the dialog, please. If there is one thing that our ethically challenged Legislature understands it is self preservation. They too will run and hide when Judy and her crazed “progressives” approach asking for “just a few minutes of Rep A’s and Senator B’s time.” Let’s forget reform and discuss tax increases for six months. If we do, and I hope we do, Deval should prepare for a one way ticket for DC and the Obama administration. It is said that truth is stranger than fiction. It is also said that you can’t make this stuff up.

The three winners in this inevitable tax increase dialog are as follows:

1) Charlie Baker

2) Tim Cahill

3) Barbara Anderson

Is it November 2010 yet?

Joan’s Op-Ed is a must read and is at:…

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