Governor Deval Patrick announces farm relief……

This is one of those ‘Gotcha’ moments in reporting.  The AP is reporting that Governor Deval Patrick has announced that 12 Massachusetts counties are eligible for federal disaster relief due to the weather.  Here is the ‘Gotcha’ part:

Gov. Deval Patrick has announced 12 Massachusetts counties that suffered agricultural production losses due to this summer’s abnormally cool and rainy weather have been declared federal disaster areas.

Clearly this is a terrible typo that should have been caught in the editing process.  The author of the story suggests that the farms suffered due to ‘cool’ weather.  Now we know that can’t be true because we are suffering from global warming.  Doesn’t the author of the story know that the earth is ready to burn to a crisp?  Man-made gases have caused the atmosphere to get so hot that the trees are whistling for the dogs.  

It would be silly to think that on one hand the federal government is handing out money to people who suffer from the cold weather, while also handing out other money to help make the atmosphere even colder.  That would be crazy – n’est-ce pas?

Those nutty guys over at the AP, they must be suffering from the heat!

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  • nomad943

    V3P, you should read more Time and Newsweek. If you did than you would know that the cool weather was caused by the overall global warming. The same for the wet weather .. yupp, it was also cause by global warming .. except out west where the result of global warming was drought.

    Anyhow, I planted some tomato plants this year and I didnt get very many tomatos due to the gloabl warming induced disaster. Where do I sign up for that emergency relief Deval is offering? The story didnt say.

  • because my dog urinated on the damn things. Can I get some farm “relief?”