Deval checks in over at BMG

Over at Bowel Movement Group (I love that line), the Governor has checked in: have we learned?

1) It ain’t easy being green! (I’m not kidding)

2) Paul Levy is a union busting piece of sh**t administrator. (Apologies to Levy for dragging him into this post. He appears to be a fine administrator with a proven track record.)

3) It would be more wise economically to hire employees given today’s dismal economic news than lay off 2,000 employees (Again, I’m not kidding)

4) We need to raise revenue (A natural response to an economic downturn?!?!)

5) There still are hard feelings amongst the far left over the Marian Walsh fiasco. (This from Levy)

The rest you can read and enjoy. Perhaps the most compelling news of the day is the fact that the Patrick administration’s attempt to post an entry to a blog that typically bows, genuflects, and kisses his ass is not working. If BMG does not support Deval, then how screwed is Deval?

November 2010 cannot get here soon enough!

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