Bill Kelly on WRKO

Has anyone been listening to Bill Kelly on WRKO?  He has a finance show on Saturday from 8:00 to 11:00.  Some days, like today, he become quite political.  I’d describe his views as conservative with some populist overtones.  He speaks from his heart.  

Kelly bought the entire time slot from WRKO.  He has no sponsors so he doesn’t have to worry about ratings or pressure from advertisers.      

Quite a good listen.

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  • I am in the financial services business so I do occasionally listen. I typically find that he bores me to tears given his monotone style. He can be hard on the ears. I did notice a bigtime deviation from the program this past Saturday which I found refreshing. I would describe his views as you have, conservative with a populist tone. I also enjoyed and agreed with the shots he took at Barney Frank and Obama. If you are in my business it is difficult to not be resentful of the Washington crowd. Both dems and republicans have messed things up pretty badly. Both parties have also contributed to the uncertainty moving forward given the finger pointing. If there is anything that messes up my business more than anything else, it’s uncertainty. It will be interesting to see where Kelly takes the show long term. Maybe he could replace the biggest loudmouth on RKO, Rush!