A Massachusetts man that deserves our applause.

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David Heim, 47, of Marlborough Massachusetts – known as the ‘wheelchair recycler’.

Permanently paralyzed in a car accident in 1995, David Heim, 47, of Marlborough, Mass., knows what a wheelchair means for a disabled person: “Independence. That’s the greatest thing.” “You can’t be without your chair for a week, let alone a day,” he told NBC Nightly News.

His nonprofit organization takes used wheelchairs and refurbishes them with other donated parts. The work ranges from quick repairs to custom-made jobs, but each one is personalized to address the client’s individual needs.

Heim has helped over 500 people across the country, and even internationally, since he first started his company.

Heim’s chairs typically sell for $800-$1,000, a fraction of what a chair would typically run. Though Heim’s shop is struggling itself to break even, he often gives away chairs or services to people who can’t pay.

When The Christopher Reeve Foundation learned of Heim’s charitable works, it donated the late actor’s chair. Its parts were used to fix six other people’s power chairs. The foundation also provided two grants that allowed the Wheelchair Recycler to buy vans to pick up donations

That is pretty much the whole story, but read the rest here.  No politics – just a story about an incredibly great human being.

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