What is the question to which Martha Coakley is the answer?

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Once again it’s see-no-evil Coakley ignoring the ground rules of open government to protect her prospects for U.S. Senate.

Attorney General Martha Coakley – who needs Mayor Thomas M. Menino’s backing in her Senate bid – yesterday refused to probe the mysterious destruction of public e-mails by his close political adviser – even as she unveiled her new computer forensics lab.

In an interview with the Herald, Coakley dismissed the controversy as a politically charged public records flap.

“Particularly understanding this is the middle of a campaign, we get lots of complaints from folks who are adversaries who have a particular agenda,” Coakley said, referring to the request by Menino’s challengers for a criminal probe of potentially hundreds of public e-mails deleted by Menino policy chief Michael Kineavy.

Under orders from Secretary of State William Galvin, the city yesterday seized Kineavy’s computer and hired a forensic data recovery expert to retrieve the lost e-mails.

Ironically, Coakley proudly unveiled her new “state-of-the-art” computer forensics lab in her Boston office yesterday, saying, “This new lab . . . will help us to delve deeper into crimes with a cyber component”.

Does the woman have any political courage whatsoever?

Meanwhile is there any GOP candidate out there who could run for AG next year. A candidate of the caliber of Bill Hudak would be ideal. Bill’s running for Congress against the runt of the delegation’s litter John Tierney but the GOP needs a candidate with his legal skills and resume.

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