This Time Deval is Burying James Aloisi

Deval Patrick infamously gave as his reason for hiring James Aloisi the fact that Aloisi “knew where the bodies were buried”, on the Big Dig. Well today Deval just buried Jim Aloisi. is reporting that Aloisi is “stepping down”.

The governor’s transportation secretary, James A. Aloisi Jr., is leaving his job, after less than one year in his position, according to a state official.

Aloisi, whose many public feuds with public officials included a high-profile fight to oust the director of the MBTA, drew controversy from the start for his role in the Big Dig. He served as a former general counsel to the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority and a private lawyer working on the project.

This is about six months too late.

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  • To Dan G..if the Gov wanted to do something positive he’d hire Dan G back!

    Think Deval is just trying to clean up his image for the next race, or is he just sick of dealing with the flack for having him on board?  

    At least we’ll have pictures and fond memories of a huge traffic jam on 128 and the pike one Easter Sunday to remember him by.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    I imagine Aliosi had a guarantee of 1 year pay plus a year of health insurance and he gets to keep his car or something like that.  

  • I wonder if this means that his deadbeat sister will have to find a real job now too.