Terminated Hyatt workers refuse to accept new jobs.

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Last week we saw a ridiculous display of politics by the union Hyatt workers who were suddenly terminated; the cab drivers union that joined in protest over the termination and finally our own Governor Deval Patrick that boycotted the termination.  But the story isn’t over yet.

Over the last few days Hyatt has bent over backwards to make amends to the former employees by offering health care and other jobs for a finite period of time to help them through the layoff.  So how do workers repay them for taking additional steps to secure their livelihoods?  They refuse to take the jobs and instead demand their old jobs back.  The Boston Globe is now reporting that the laid off workers have refused the temporary jobs and will not return to work.

Seventy-seven of the 98 fired Hyatt housekeepers met for two hours yesterday at the Unite Here Local 26 union office and came to the unanimous decision that they would not accept the Hyatt Hotel Corp.’s offer to place them in jobs with a staffing organization.

I happen to think the Hyatt offer was rather decent given the difficult economic times brought on by Barack Obama and Deval Patrick.  The offer was this:

Responding to public pressure over the firings, on Friday Hyatt offered the housekeepers fired at the three Boston-area Hyatts full-time positions with United Service Companies, a Chicago-based staffing organization that the hotel uses for contract labor at hospitals, hotels, and shopping centers. If they accept one of these jobs, the housekeepers will be guaranteed their Hyatt rate of pay through the end of next year and their Hyatt health care benefits through the end of March. Those who don’t take the jobs will be offered career assistance and receive their Hyatt wages through the end of March or until they find a permanent job.

Is it the perfect offer – hell no, but how much can they expect given the recession we are in?  This is a situation where the ‘dumb as dirt’ workers want to strong-arm the company in order to get what they think they deserve.  Sadly, they have a governor that is willing to allow Hyatt to close its doors to prove a point.

As of late Monday afternoon, Patrick had not yet called off the planned boycott.

I hope Hyatt fights this thing tooth and nail.  Screw the ungrateful bastards!

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