Suffolk University/7NEWS Poll Reaction

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I encourage you all to take a look at the Suffolk University/7NEWS poll which just came out.  Some interesting things in there, including that more people view Governor Patrick unfavorably than favorably and only 29% of those polled believe he should be reelected.

The majority of people think Massachusetts is headed in the wrong direction.  

I think there is a real opportunity for Republicans this election to capitalize on the discontentment with the state’s current leaders.  Which brings me to another piece of data from the poll: in the Republican primary, 43% of voters would choose Charlie Baker over 19% for Christy Mihos.  

Not surprisingly, I think there is some lingering frustration with Christy for leaving the party in 2006.  I know it’s been discussed by many of us, but the fact is, there are a lot of Republicans who are still upset with Christy for things that were said and done in 2006.  Personally, I’m glad that he has decided to rejoin the party, but I fear that having a contested primary, especially given the strong feelings many have about him, may be dividing the party unnecessarily.  

I wonder whether it wouldn’t be better for us for him to run for another office, like Treasurer.  This would accomplish a few things: spare the party from a drawn out primary battle where we focus on our own differences, rather than our differences with the Democrats.  We could all get to work right now, unified behind one candidate.  It would also be a gesture of good faith from Christy that he is committed to our party and being a team player.  It would also be one more seat for which we would be putting up a strong candidate and increase our chances of winning a statewide office.

I welcome your thoughts.  I think we all need to be considering what is the best, most complete slate we can put forward in 2010 to maximize our chances for victory.

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