State revenues to drop $200 million to budgeted plan.

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Perhaps you already have breezed through the Boston Globe column regarding the projected state revenue shortfall of $200 million for the month of September.  I was struck by two things.  First of all – Why isn’t THIS an emergency?  Last week Deval claimed that it was an emergency that we didn’t have enough overpaid politicians on Capital Hill, but a state shortfall of $200 million in September isn’t an emergency?  Hell, Deval doesn’t even want to address the problem until all the final numbers are in and he has had a chance to think about things for a while.  He says:

“We’re obviously watching the revenues very, very closely, and I don’t want to say anything about where we are until we get the final figures,” Patrick told reporters yesterday before heading into a meeting with House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo and Senate President Therese Murray. “We have a whole host of different scenarios, as you can imagine, that we have thought about and reflected on because we want to be prepared.”

Asked whether there would be further cuts to local aid, which is the lifeline for many cities and towns, Patrick said, “I think it’s too soon to say.

Hey Governor – it’s not to soon!  You can be concerned right now if you really want to be.  I will even support your move to declare a state of emergency!  Most of all you might want to be concerned about the person doing your revenue projections because they are clearly always wrong.

The second point I wish to make is the timing of this revenue shortfall.  It is right about now that we were supposed to be feeling flush with new revenues due to the sales tax increase that went into effect in September.  By giving up a few cents more we were all going to share in the new prosperity of our state through increased taxes – well it ain’t working Deval!

Revenue dropped despite a controversial decision by Patrick and the Legislature to increase taxes by more than $1 billion, including boosting the state sales tax from 5 percent to 6.25 percent. Retailers warned that the state would not raise nearly as much as estimated, predicting that customers would go to New Hampshire or the Internet to avoid additional taxes.

We should have known how that was going to work out when members of the legislature itself was shopping in New Hampshire.

This is bad news people.  Very, very bad news and Deval Patrick has no clue how to get us out of this mess.  The tax and spend policies of the liberal left have placed this entire state and its future in dire jeopardy.  

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