State Committeewoman Sandi Martinez calls on Senator Fargo to “Do the Right Thing”

 September16, 2009      

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CHELMSFORD – Martinez urges Senator Fargo to ” Do The Right Thing”

Republican State Committeewoman Sandi Martinez and candidate challenging Senator Susan Fargo in the 3rd Middlesex District said today:  “Beacon Hill is out of control.  I call upon Senator Fargo, who got her vote right in 2004 giving We the People the responsibility of choosing who we send to Washington to represent us, not to change her vote.”  

“Calls to my office have been across party lines, with the concern that Senator Fargo will not stand up to the powerful and special interest pressure coming in from DC.  I ask that people of the district call Senator Fargo  at (617) 722-1572, and let her know the will of the people in the 3rd Middlesex District: ‘Do not change your 2004 vote’!”

The Globe reported on 09/16: that a vote to appoint an interim Senator for the vacant Kennedy seat may come as early as Thursday. One high-ranking Senate official familiar with the vote count said the numbers are there for passage – but narrowly…..

Martinez continued: “Let’s be reminded, Senator Kerry missed 80% of his votes when he ran for President, and over the past year the late Senator Kennedy missed 261 votes1…. There was no outcry then, so why now?  Unfortunately it appears to be political gamesmanship by entrenched politicians who are willing to circumvent the will of We the People.”

“It is our government! Join with me in standing up for a government of the people, by the people, and for the people,” concluded Martinez.

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