Sisk: Let’s get the facts straight Christy!

While the Commonwealth’s political focus has been set on the U.S. Senate vacancy caused by the death of Senator Edward M. Kennedy the governor’s race has be raging on.  You may have remembered a story in the Boston Herald about the Harvard Pilgrim charity giving money to left wing causes.  The story has not died.  Red Mass Group has obtained an email from Matt Sisk, State Committeeman from Braintree, to the Republican State Committee on the matter.  The full text of the email can be read below.

Dear Fellow State Committee Members,

It’s come to my attention that Christy Mihos is spreading some pretty vicious misinformation about Charlie Baker and attempting to distort Charlie’s record.  

If you’ve seen the Herald article, the claim is that a Harvard Pilgrim charitable foundation gave money to some controversial and liberal groups while Charlie was Harvard Pilgrim’s CEO.  Christy is trying to spin this as some sign that Charlie is not a real Republican.

I’ve talked to Charlie and gotten some of the facts (which Christy doesn’t seem too concerned about).

First of all, Charlie opposes in-state tuition for illegal immigrants.  He opposes drivers licenses for illegal immigrants.  Period.  

Let’s also be clear that Charlie did not “run” this foundation and it was not “his” charity.  This is Harvard Pilgrim’s organization.  The Executive Director approved contributions that was made, not Charlie.  According to Charlie, employees are able to direct where some of the money goes through a matching program (so if an employee made a personal donation to MIRA, the foundation would match it, no questions asked).  Other donations are chosen by the board, which consists of Democrats and Republicans, but which is not a political organization and there is no political litmus test for which groups can receive money.  It would have been absurd and beyond unprofessional for Charlie to request that contributions only be made to conservative groups because that’s his personal preference.

This foundation has given out over $100 million to all kinds of groups.  At the time of some of these donations, the foundation was focusing on AIDS prevention and education efforts, which is work the charities were doing.  I’m sorry that’s not acceptable to Christy.

Once again, I find myself disgusted by Christy’s nasty attacks on what are supposed to be fellow Republicans.  If we want to talk about who the “real” Republican is, let’s review: Christy Mihos left our party, basically calling us all corrupt and dishonest.  He repeatedly attacked our nominee in 2006, as well as slinging accusations at many other members of our party (including the State Committee as a body).  His vendetta against Kerry Healey helped get Deval Patrick elected and he even said he would vote for Deval if he couldn’t vote for himself.  

Charlie Baker, on the other hand, has been a loyal Republican all his life.  He’s never left the party.  He’s served in two Republican administrations.  He’s given money to candidates, he’s been a convention delegate – and the list goes on.

Christy’s campaign is being run by Dick Morris, who was an attack dog for Bill Clinton and has a reputation for slinging mud and playing dirty.  I want to know if this is the kind of campaign we can expect from Christy?  A year-long burn campaign that isn’t about the issues but nasty personal attacks?  Clearly this is all Christy has to go on because he certainly can’t stand on his own record.

I hope you’ll join me in condemning these attacks and calling on Christy to run a substantive campaign on the issues.  We can’t afford to have an ugly, brutal primary campaign that leaves whoever our nominee is bloodied and unprepared for the general election.

Matthew R. Sisk

Norfolk and Plymouth District

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