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  Should this be an issue and does anybody care? If so, who should I complain to?

Separatist group teaching diversity for state.

I recently attended one of the Governor’s Mandated Diversity trainings.  The materials provided seemed to be pretty radical as it called for undoing the melting pot in favor of a “bowl of salad” where group identity was maintained (I am not kidding).  Another graph illustrated who was oppressing who and broke the groups down by sex, race, color, age, and religion.  It was also made clear that racism does not go both ways as only the majority group could oppress.  One of the pages had the source of the material on the bottom.  I looked into this community group and found that one of the cofounders is a separatist who has supported Rev. Wrights comments regarding the “chickens coming home to roost”.  I have called local Republican Reps with no luck; is the Commonwealth so far out of touch that this is okay?    

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