Scott Brown Demands Mass Cut Ties with ACORN

Yet another example where I cannot help but agree with State Senator Scott Brown.  Surely, we can find a more credible, less controversial, and less corrupt & despicable organization than ACORN.

Republican state Senator Scott Brown sent a letter to Governor Deval Patrick and Attorney General Martha Coakley yesterday demanding the state stop doing business with ACORN, the community organizing group whose tactics have sparked a national controversy.

A branch of the group, ACORN Housing, received a $33,000 grant last April from the Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation to counsel first-time homebuyers and homeowners facing possible foreclosure.

“I respectfully request that both of you immediately suspend ACORN from the state-approved list of housing counselors and prohibit them from receiving future funds until all the allegations against ACORN and its subsidiaries have been investigated and satisfactorily resolved,” Brown wrote. “I hope you agree that this situation warrants a stern and immediate response.”

Though Coakley has no direct control over what state money ACORN receives, Brown sent the letter to Coakley because she is “the state’s lawyer and top law enforcer,” said Brown adviser Eric Fehrnstrom. “I would imagine she is concerned about reports of law breaking as it relates to ACORN and will want to use the powers of her office to do something about it.” he said.…

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