Right-roots keeps pace with “net-roots” in the “Battle of Joe Wilson” on-line fundraising war

With Act-Blue the net-roots (progressive blog community) has been able to raise vast sums of money for their progressive candidates on-line. Save the Ron Paul movement, the right has up to now not been able to keep pace.  A funny thing has happened since Joe Wilson told Barack Obama, “you lied”.  Right-roots and Net-roots fundraising is neck and neck.  

Immediately after Joe Wilson made his remarks the net-roots went into action using Act-Blue to raise since Wednesday night $834,000 and counting for Rob Miller, Wilson’s Democratic opponent.  Seeing this happening to him Wilson sprung into action.  He hired the Social Media Networking firm of David All, known as the David All Group.  David All went on an all out social media blitz activating Slate Card, which will also be available for the US Special Election, to raise money for Joe Wilson.  Red Mass Group received an email today pointing us to the Slate Card Donation Page for Joe Wilson.

The Wilson campaign has raised $750,000 to Miller’s reported $1M.  

Miller, a former Iraq war veteran, has raised more than $1 million for his 2010 rematch with Wilson, according to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Republicans expect Wilson to also top more than $1 million by Monday because of the immense publicity he’s received in the last 48 hours. In the relatively inexpensive South Carolina district, which takes in the southern portion of the state, the two opponents will likely have their two-year budgets filled in less than a week, strategists say.

To put this fund-raising haul in perspective, Wilson, by early next week, could equal the total amount of money he raised in the entire two-year-election cycle of 2008, when he raised a little more than $1.1 million.

Miller, by contrast, raised just $390,000 in donations for the entire 2008 cycle and lent himself another $235,000 of his own money, according to records filed with the Federal Election Commission. So he’s already doubled, in just two days, his total donations over a two-year period.

This is great news for the Right-Roots.  We now have an active and energized base.  As slate-card will be active for the Senate Special this is good news for either Scott Brown, or Andy Card once we find out who that candidate will be.

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