Rick’s Facts and Reputable Facts

So Rick cites the Investor Business Daily’s about a survey they did claiming that 45% of Doctors would consider quitting if “Obamacare” passes.

Ya, the same Investor Business Daily that said if Stephen Hawking lived in England their socialized medicine system would kill him.  Of course the only problem with that “fact” is that Hawking does live in England and commended the English system for saving his life.

Which brings me to this survey from IBD, which came out the same week that the New England Journal of Medicine released their own survey of 2130 doctors which showed pretty much the opposite results–with 62% of physicians supporting a public health insurance option along side private options.

So there you have it.  Two surveys with opposite results and you can decide which one is more reputable.  One is the oldest continuously published medical journal in the world, peer-reviewed and is the most widely read, cited, and influential general medical periodical in the world (wikipedia opening) and the other can’t get it’s facts straight about a simple thing like where Stephen Hawking lives.  

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