Red Sox Make Playoffs.

Fresh off a string of 5 consecutive losses the Boston Red Sox have successfully stumbled through the backdoor and made it into the playoffs.  Unable to win it on their own merit, the Sox have watched Texas Rangers fail even sooner on a losing streak of their own.  As the “last man standing” the Sox can now pick up their wild card prize.

In a related story, Charlie Baker is running for Governor.


A bit harsh?  I don’t think so.  I have been looking for reasons to become a Charlie Baker fan.  He’s a intelligent, personable individual with an impressive resume.  I believe he has the ability to be a competent Governor.  Deval is a leftist and Cahill is a hack.  Against them he would have my vote.

I find it odd that a third place candidate in a 3 way race is running such a timid campaign and trying to kneel out the clock.  In the Republican primary, even his largest supporters do not make good arguments on behalf of Baker.  I hear good ones against Mihos.  Many of us are still not fans of the way he ran his campaign in 2006.  Again, in a general election match up I here reasons to vote against the other candidates and not for Baker.

Attempting to do individual research at his website… I still can not find reasons to get motivated.  Even his “issues” page is noticeably missing.  This is a real problem.  I don’t think he needs to list every position on every issue.  Even if he just had his 3 to 5 positions that were poll tested to make him the most electable that would be something.  1) Keep taxes low 2) Control government spending 3) Reduce the deficit 4) Fund local aid.  BOOM!  Was that really so hard?

A large factor in election results (especially  for Governor or President) is how people talk about it socially.  From the kitchen table to the water cooler having arguments on behalf of candidates means something.  Give us something to use!

Which brings us back to the Red Sox analogy.  The best strategy isn’t just hoping everyone else will fail.

You can’t beat something with nothing.  Help me, Help You!

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