Rep. Rodrigues Shops In Tax Free New Hampshire

(Tisk Tisk Rep. Rodrigues. Poor starving union hacks need that tax money! SHAME!  

Hey, I was in Rep Rodrigues district actually buying Booze.  Remember, I even took a video!

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Last night on 96.9 WTTK Michelle McPhee had a little fun with the five minute mystery, “Who owns Mass license plate House 29?”.

It appears that tax and fee happy Democrat  Rep. Mike Rodrigues of Westport – who voted to raise the sales tax earlier this year – was busted loading up the trunk of his 2003 Ford Crown Victoria with booze at a New Hampshire tax free liquor store.

Within minutes of asking the audience if they could identify the culprit Rep, several of his neighbors in Westport identified the car as belonging to Rodrigues.

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