Mass House votes yea on Dukakis Bill to give Governor power to appoint interim senator

(I forgot to attribute the term “Dukakis Bill” to Howie Carr. Sorry about that Cap’n – promoted by EaBo Clipper)

The Massachusetts House of Representatives just voted to give Governor Deval Patrick the ability to appoint an interim Senatore to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Senator Edward M. Kennedy.  The vote was 95-58. has the story.

The House voted, 95-58, after a debate that stretched more than seven hours, to send the bill to the Senate, where leaders expect another lengthy debate and a close vote.

“This bill will give us full representation today and the people of Massachusetts will have their second voice in the US Senate,” Representative Michael Moran, a Democrat from Boston who co-chairs the Joint Committee on Election Laws, said as he introduced the bill.

Top Democrats in Washington have been aggressively pushing for Massachusetts to temporarily fill the seat to give them more leeway in approving President Obama’s national health care proposals. Kennedy himself, a legendary liberal who was a long-time champion of health care reform, advocated shortly before he died for changing the law so someone could be appointed to his seat.

Democratic House members, who vastly outnumber Republicans in the body, argued in the debate that the state needed to fill the seat immediately so that Democrats in Washington would have the votes to push through a health care bill that Kennedy would be proud of.

“Some people say this is political. Of course, it is political,” said Representative Cory Atkins, a Concord Democrat. “This isn’t just a short moment in history. This is the largest domestic vote so far in this century. This vote will be as important as the Social Security vote. This will be as important as the civil rights vote.”

There you have it, the promise of the start of socialized medicine is enough to make a mockery of the rule of law.  Thank you Cory for writing the postcard that will be used against you in the 2010 campaign.

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